Kennen Top

Ocak 24, 2018 0 Comments

In the current metagame, we tend to face Tanks like Shen or Gragas on the toplane. Kennen is a very good alternantive to these picks. The early game will consist of farm and inflict some damage on your vis-à-vis. You do not have heavy damage, so do not expect to implode the opponent toplaner especially since your skills will not do much damage.

With his speed of attack interesting, he will be able to annoy his vis-à-vis especially if must last-hit in close combat. Good early pressure which, with the upstream of your jungler, will allow you to dominate your lane.

You have your (E) as escape, which allows you to be relatively safe if the enemy jungler decides to give you a hello. If you play carefully, you do not have to worry about the lane phase. From level 6, you will have the opportunity to apply a major DC to enemies, allowing you to be effective for ganks and rotations, including the teleport.

At the mid-game level, you will have two main missions: splitpush and rotations. Keep an eye on your vis-à-vis who can apply additional pressure on other lanes. If you can not follow, get ready for splitpush: with Blade of the Fallen King and Runaan, you will have a very good attack speed to destroy the targets, forcing a minimum enemy to come and defend.

With the teleport, help your allies to take the main objectives like the Dragon and bring your damage and CC that will be more than interesting.

Be careful ! Kennen is not very tanky, and you will not have Zhonya's Hourglass to have an inveterability. Admittedly, you will have some damage, but you will probably be the first target for the enemy team!

In late-game, do a splitpush job when your team does not start hostilities. If ever a fight is triggered, make sure you always have the teleport available to get back-up from your team. If this is not the case, try taking an inhibitor or a tower and push it as far as possible (without being heard).

Your ultimate will be decisive: if you get stun the right targets and catch the right people, you will win your team. Do not hesitate to hit the tanks coming on your carry because with your stuff, you can cut in half quickly and slow down without it can do anything. Ideally, try to implode the enemy carry to unlock the situation.