Kayle Guide

Ocak 24, 2018 0 Comments

Kayle's early is not very crazy, she will usually run out of damage and you have to know how to manage her mana and the cooldown of her E. Therefore it is clearly not the most fun part but it remains the most important moment, the one during which you must not fail and try to get ahead of your opponent for the rest of the game.

So if you have a distant enemy (style mage) try to poke at A and farm at best with your E. On the contrary you will have more ease to manage an enemy in melee by kit to blow of A + E.

When you always engage A + E so that the enemy does not escape under the effect of your E and why not even add your Z on you if it is necessary. Be careful though to the dash characters who will not hesitate to jump on you in this case keep the A or even the Z for this moment to be able to create distance with them and the kite using your E.

This is basically how Kayle play is not very difficult, and enjoy your liabilities will be said instinctively enough.

Your most complex spell is your ultimate it can make you insensitive to any damage or one of your allies for a few seconds so it will be necessary to know the place at the right time, neither too early nor too late and that, it will ask a good vision and understanding of the game in addition to knowing about the damage that the enemies will inflict to not miss. The goal is to force a maximum of the enemy burst on a friendly target (or you) and block it with your ultimate it requires a good timing from you.

Be careful, the ultimate makes you insensitive to damage but you can still be the victim of control spells.

The mid game of Kayle is where the damage will start to be present and things will become interesting for you.

There is nothing more to learn, other than staggering or playing with your team when it's needed. Know the maximum placement of enemies including not losing sight of your vis-à-vis or have a frequent idea of ​​the position of the jungler opponent to avoid unpleasant surprises.

The end game of Kayle is monstrous A well placed will bring the death of the target if it has no escape or is not surrounded by his allies against you alone (and even in this situation you can always carry an enemy with you most of the time thanks to your ultimate).

In team fight your job is going to be to correctly place your ultimate that it is on you or an ally. The ideal is to place it when the enemies will burn a maximum of burst.

The rest of your work will consist of placing an A and chaining E on a loop and the enemies will really melt so it may be very fast.

Keep your Z for a chase or escape situation whether it's for yourself or an ally. In the same way, an A can always potentially save one of your companions in the evil.

Watch out for your placement, especially when you no longer have your ultimate, you do damage to the limit of the bearable but you are cardboard paper mache so do not go to take a tank.