Katarina Guide

Ocak 24, 2018 0 Comments

The early game of Katarina is a double-edged sword: it is difficult to farm because the champion is melee and the recovery time is quite long at the beginning of the game, however the level 3 allows the "ominous blade" of to take a rather colossal trade, to see a kill. It's up to you to choose whether you prefer to play aggressively or passively.

Level 6 in hand, Katarina becomes monstrous if we let her have a correct early game. You can push the wave quickly with your daggers, and quickly shift on the botlane or toplane and give an advantage to your lanes. Katarina can take one or more kills very quickly, so if your enemies do not react fast enough it's dead. In any case, you risk burning a few lightning jumps. Take advantage of the early game to give the advantage to your team!

The late game of Katarina is obviously more powerful, but does not change much of the mid game: You must always roam, and take kills to force the objectives. However, in the late game come the big team fights, and that's where Katarina will shine!

Although Katarina excels in teamfight, we must remember one very important thing: Katarina is SQUISHY. You can not in any case allow you to engage in 5 against 5, and even once the fight is engaged, you must watch the best time to get into the pile and destroy the enemies of a titanic ultimate!

Do not forget 2 things: every kill or assist recovered gives Katarina 15 seconds of recovery time, so you can probably put 2 ultimate in the same fight, and your daggers will fall back to the opposite of where they made their first rebound.