Kassadin Guide

Ocak 24, 2018 0 Comments

Kassadin's early is not crazy and if you want to take advantage of your assassin team play later you will have to wait 20 minutes which can be very long and even close the game before you have revealed yourself. It is therefore necessary to adapt the choice of your spells, your stuff and your way of playing depending on the match up in the laning phase but also the overall composition of the opposing team.

Thus, in the face of a close combat enemy, the Z may be a good choice, while against a remote wizard the A will prove more useful. Above all, avoid consuming your A on the henchmen even if it is very important to farm. Your game start is not easy but it is not a reason to be completely dominated. Attention all the same to the ganks, as long as you do not have your level 6, you are extremely vulnerable and even once the ultimate obtained by its rather small range now it is not as easy as before, a placement too dangerous will not be as forgivable as before.

Mid game here it is finally! You have completed (and loaded) your core items and you will be able to start showing that you are the boss and therefore snowball to the maximum.

Do not hesitate to shift to lend a hand to your other lanes (ideally the bot) and especially pick up kills.

You still have good mobility that you should not hesitate to use.

In team fight Kassadin is formidable for his ability to complete his targets, indeed his R gives him a good advantage for chase and immediately withdraw from a position too compromised. Now with the nerve of the scope of this spell it will be harder but it is still feasible it will just have to be more precise than before in your investment.

Kassadin overall has a short distance to apply these skills therefore, avoid drawing attention to yourself and waiting for initiation. You have a good burst and what to do big zone damage between your R + E nevertheless despite objects bringing tankyness you remain a mage and must play with a minimum of security.

Try to target the isolated targets (and fragile, we can dream!) In priority it is your role and you have the perfect kit for that. In the same way any individual trying to escape you will have difficulty escaping with your R and your E, you are the cleaner!