Karthus Guide

Ocak 24, 2018 0 Comments

It's not good to be Karthus in early game because it's going to be the most total misery. There is no writing "Pigeon" on your head but it's just like. You have no mobility, no escape, you are fragile as not allowed so much to say that if you have the misfortune to make the slightest mistake on your lane the punishment may come quickly.

Overall, you have only one goal in the lane phase: farmer and even more farmer. Your goal is to get your precious items that will impact the rest of the game. Namely the tear of the goddess for the stacker but also your age-old stick to take advantage of its liabilities, you should have finished it ideally at 15 minutes to the maximum 20 minutes because it takes time to enjoy it all the same.

Farmer is fine, but if you can also prevent the enemy from feeling fully satisfied with the situation it is a little more. So although you have no or almost no chance of killing him, that's no reason to let him farm as he sees fit, or to dominate the lane as he sees fit. Try at best to assert your presence without risking your life permanently after all your first goal is to kill a maximum of minions to buy your items as soon as possible.

Once your level 6 is reached, you will need to have an eye on all the health bars of your enemies, if there is a way to recover one or more assists (or kills) by pressing your magic button so do not to deprive oneself of it. Remember that your utlime remains a good deterrent and psychological pressure. Your opponents will always be fearful when their life begins to go down too much.

If you have somehow taken the advantage over your opponent you will still be able to try to kill him by placing your + Z fatigue on it and sending him a maximum of A on the face and why not your E if he There is not too much risk of approaching it.

The mid game will be quite similar to the early, it will have to continue to farm if possible but you will already have more impact on the game. On one hand you should have finished your secular. On the other hand, there may be team fights that are challenges to the Dragon or taken turns.

This is where you will be most effective, inflicting as much damage as possible in the crowd is clearly your goal.

At the end of the game, unless you have a teleport, you will be well advised to stay with your team. Participating in a team fight is always important for every member of a team but for a champion being a source of damage, even more!

There is no harm in initiating with Karthus if the situation presents itself with Flash + Z if necessary. As long as you are sure that your allies will follow you and especially if they can reinitiate over it will be all good.

The goal of Karthus is clearly to get into the fray, he will try to stay the longest in life to inflict maximum damage while making sure to die (to enjoy his liabilities) in the fight in order to continue to do damage after his death.

If an opportunity arises, do not hesitate to initiate with your hero, a well placed Z can make all the difference especially with the support of your team.

Do not forget to activate your E in the fight, it will inflict good damage!

Make sure to wait until the end to launch your ultimate. If you are dead remember that it takes 3 seconds to launch so plan the shot (you only have 7 seconds after your death to use your spells).

Why wait for the end?

On the other hand if your enemies have banshee there is a good chance that they are no longer in the way at the end of the fight but in addition the goal is to kill your opponents. So see this as a boost bringing them to death or even a finisher. At the end of the game, your ultimate will do considerable damage, it should not be launched early in the fight on pain that the opponents disengage the fight to return just after (your ultimate still a long enough cooldown). There is no question of letting them go when you launch it, so wait as much as possible (without all your allies dying).

Your placement will really be the key to a good Karthus, you have to force the focus on yourself to sort the enemies into one point, so even if they kill you you can continue to hit them (your allies will have to take advantage of your death zone to fight) but in addition it's always easier to hit opponents in one place.