Karma Guide

Ocak 24, 2018 0 Comments

Karma support has a very early early formed with a good ability to defend his support through his shield and its link but also excellent poke using his A. On the other hand, it has no sustain and remains very fragile, so be careful of any enemy who can take you by surprise and place a control that can lead you to certain death.

The whole strategy will consist in placing your A better without blowing it up on the opponents 'henchmen in order to drain the enemies' health. As soon as they have no life and you feel confident with your ADC you can initiate the fight if possible with an E to accelerate you followed by a Z on an enemy to try to root and to kill him.

There are multiple ways to adapt with your spells that are versatile and can adapt to the situation. Nevertheless, playing Karma as a medium means that you must fully affirm your presence, it is a very strong magic medium at the beginning of the game and you must absolutely enjoy this advantage without letting it slip away. Of course everything will depend on the match up but it remains the lane phase where you will have the ability to greatly influence to provide a good benefit to your ADC.

The mid game is a phase where Karma proves useful and is clearly not decorative. She especially has this zone shield (R + E) which can make the effect of a zone speed to all her team close to her that can make catch up with the enemies or to flee or hold a little longer during of taking a goal.

His Z will be crucial on the ability to catch a lost opponent and can also serve as a deterrent for an enterprising enemy.

Do not be fooled, the late game of Karma is far from being one of the best. It tends to run out of steam after 35/40 minutes and your damage and shields will not be as bad for enemies as they could have been in the past.

You will have to stay with your team and especially provide defensive and utilitarian support including using your Z as root and your shield offering protection and speed of movement.

Your poke will now come last because it will be there to slow down the enemies that actually inflict damage at this stage of the game.

Karma is a support both defensive and offensive. She has a kit that can adapt to the situation to allow him to attack or protect an ally. Nevertheless, in most cases its role will be to stay behind and cover its ADC mainly but also its other allies.

Depending on the situation, use your Z as a deterrent on an enemy wanting to get too close to your carry, the idea of ​​becoming root will surely want to back down.

Usually in team fight you will mostly hesitate to use your mantra on your shield or on your damage spell. At the beginning of the game or mid-mantra + A can be very painful but it is not so true anymore the party advance. On the other hand a mantra + E will bring a good shield as well as the speed of displacement to your allies and that can clearly change things in a team fight so most often it will be the choice to make.

You are relatively weak, there is no harm in dying as a support if you give everything for your team, however, do not put yourself in danger for nothing. Often wanting too much to place a Z on an enemy, will lead you to a dangerous placement leading to your death, in these cases prefer to remain defensive and protect your carry. A root immobilizes the movements of the opponent but does not prevent him from launching his spells (except those of displacements) or to attack, thus to want to root an enemy at any price is not worth your death, so think well to your actions before going to give you with only reason to want to root an enemy.