Kalista Guide

Ocak 24, 2018 0 Comments

Kalista has a rather safe early game in general. Between his poke via his A or his burst via his E, you will be able to distil a lot of damage. Watch out for opponents like Caitlyn or Jhin who can either out-range or out-poke you. The damage of your spear is more than optimal so do not hesitate to abuse it, same thing for your E when you have taken the system in hand, based on reset. This spell is your main damage / depush source, but is also a good finisher. You will need experience to know when to press on to make a kill because no mark or indication is on you will execute your target!

And as you will understand, you will have to be one with your support (like all the other botlanes you will tell me). This already involves the use of your sentinel, in order to couple it as best as possible with your wards history to cover the maximum of places, but also by the liabilities of this same skill. And of course, when you use your ulti ', be sure to make yourself understood via pings or on the cat, otherwise it will be very very quickly the total defeat.

If you have achieved a minimum of your early-game, you will flourish completely in the mid-game. Even if Kalista has a correct curve throughout the game, she really excels at that point if your game start has been well negotiated. Theoretically, you will have at least 2-3 points in your E and the burst that you will start to accumulate will be more than supported. Your ability to duel will be rather increased and you can play with your kiting to take care of a lot of melee champions.

For other things to note, pay attention to your attack-speed. Depending on your feed level, you may already have the BotRK plus maybe the Runaan. But if you had a more complicated early, pay close attention to this notion. Also remember to use your sentries as soon as they are available to have a little more map awareness.

We take again the principle of the phase of lane, being based completely on the poke part of the champion. At this point in the game, your A will just punch the squishy in front and you will not even need to commit yourself to the range of the spell. Your second role will of course be to engage the teamfights ... by sending your support in, mainly if your support is Leona or other Alistar for example. You will have a role as decisive as him for the engagement.

Several things to keep well in mind at this time of the game:
- Use your poke as often as possible to weaken the opposing team to launch the TF
- Make sure to position yourself (not too close either), in order to send your support (if it has a role to engage) in the fray in the best possible way.
- Use and abuse your kite system to get tanky / melee type champions