Jinx Guide

Ocak 24, 2018 0 Comments

The beginning of the game for Jinx is not the craziest he is, but it remains very correct, its biggest defect is its lack of mobility and escape.

Like any ADC your main goal will be to farm at this point of the game while trying to make the opponent do the least and why not kill him if it's a gift. Your Z will be a useful weapon for poke or disengage (just like your E in this case), the trick being to kill a henchman and launch it immediately to hit an enemy if he is right behind.

Also, remember that activating your A rocket launcher increases your reach of what poke for an attack an enemy approaching too much to kill your henchmen for example.

You have what disengage the ganks with your Z but especially your E, that's why it will make sure to keep it unless it is in order to kill an enemy. Your ultimate having a low cooldown do not be afraid to use it.

At this point in the game, Jinx will have good damage and will rely mainly on his A and Z. His rocket launcher will be an extremely useful weapon for wave clear quickly done well and thus shift to mid or dragon for example.

You must continue farming as best as possible in order to pursue the ultimate goal: complete your equipment as quickly as possible in order to inflict maximum damage while having the opportunity to resist if necessary.

You will start to regroup with your team, your goal will be to push as much enemy tow as possible or to play defensively if the situation requires it.

It's always the same thing but what do you want is the role that is so. A carry AD must at best hit what is put in his mouth in a team fight and do everything to position himself behind his team to avoid a too brutal focus. This is even more true with Jinx who has no escape, so it is out of the question to be caught.

On the other hand, if you manage to play with your liabilities by concretizing a kill or an assist, things will become much easier for you since you will have a rather important mobility although brief and thus you will be able to chain the damage and especially to replace you if this is necessary.