Jhin Guide

Ocak 24, 2018 0 Comments

At the beginning of the game, Jhin was busy farming and poking his opponents. You have a good clear (A) and a CC to allow a commitment (Z) if ever your jungler decides to help you. Sustain being a problem especially in the early game, the combination of Doran's Blade and the Warrior's Blood Thirst will keep you on your lane longer. You will not have the effect of the deadly Fire Touch that can secure a kill, but your 4th critical bullet will give you enough to survive. The small travel speed bonus will also help you catch or run away from an enemy.
Jhin will not have as much impact in the early game as a Lucian, but his clean and remote poke will help him farm easily without risking being hit. Be careful not to take control of crowd in early game, it could be punitive without escape.

Your lane outfit will be much better and direct clashes in 1v1 will be mostly in your favor. With your Youmuu, you will have good damage and what engages your opposite with the asset. The 4th ball will make the difference in addition to your (A) and a well placed (Z) who will root the target.
Your ultimate is the tool that will propel you to an aggressive midgame. Well placed, it will be difficult for enemies to touch you. Note that the Curtain Survey can serve you as either a hired or a finisher: it can be good if you see your frontline coming to slow down the enemies with your ultimate, to facilitate the engagement and to put good damages. Coupled with your (Z), you can be in a fight without being! (#schrodinger) The biggest danger will be the Zed, Talon and other assassins. You will be an easy prey for them since you will be motionless. If your team is too focused to do damage rather than protect you, it's dead! If the speed of travel bonus offered by your liabilities is not excellent in early / mid it will be your escape in late. So while waiting for it to be effective be careful.

Like any self-respecting ADC, your role is to do damage. To do so, we settle behind our tanks and our support, and we hit the frontline with our cars. Between each reload, an A and / or a Z to keep a constant DPS, some traps in front of you to cover you, and your liabilities will do the work side damage. Nothing really complicated, keep an eye on the enemy murderer all the same. As for the midgame, the ultimate can have different uses: a target runs away, you can use it as a finisher. In lategame, the timers of respawn are extremely long, so even if it is the support, to finish a target remains imperative. The second use is to engage: a bad placement of an enemy, use the ultimate to force him to burn a flash or just catch if ever the target is too separated from his allies. The slow and the combined damage will make Jhin's ultimate a great asset for the teamfight phases, a bit like an Ashe arrow or a Varus ultimate.