Jayce Guide

Ocak 24, 2018 0 Comments

Jayce has a good early with a massive kit that often gives him the advantage over the melee champions and many distances.

His biggest defect is the consumption of mana he must constantly monitor indeed A + E form Canon pump!
It is possible to recover a little mana form Hammer using the passive Z however it is not easy and it is done more often under his tower.

Indeed, Jayce will play mainly in the form of Canon because it allows him to poke at a distance and therefore be safer knowing he remains relatively fragile.

The hammer form is the opposite to engage or disengage the fight. It should also be known that each shape has its own cooldown so if the E form Canon has been used at the moment, the E form Hammer is still available. You will be able to inflict a lot of damage by quickly changing shape.

Most of the time we start to poke with the Canon form then when it's enough and the cooldowns start we can switch hammer to get closer to the enemy with the A and try to push him away from his tower using the E and then iron in the form of Canon to complete it. Do not forget to take advantage of the bonus on the next attack that confers the R is always a plus to use.

The mid game Jayce will become very interesting because it will have a little stuff that will allow him to begin to poke seriously while being dangerous melee: you have a huge burst at close range.

Jayce remains a champion based on the poke, so he must be able to launch his most A (A + E ideally) and especially fly. For that he must master his spells and especially have mana. It is his ability to succeed that will allow him to take the aggression.

The late game of Jayce is monstrous certainly but do not count on him to tank. On the other hand, it will have a very solid poke and what burst most targets. A squishy will simply disappear in front of him as long as he can place his A + E form Canon correctly.

Jayce can make a difference in a team fight. First of all, his E form Canon is a good travel bonus for his entire team. In addition, his ability to poke at a great range can eat away at the enemy team during a challenge on a goal that it is in defense or attack that can lead to engage the fight.

Jayce must never be the first to engage, he is very good for poke and to inflict heavy damage however he is in cardboard and especially he does not have control as a stun to control the enemies therefore he will have to wait that his team initiates.

Most of the time, he will use his Canon form, the Hammer form usually used as a finisher or disengage to save an ally, for example, by repelling an enemy.