Jax Guide

Ocak 24, 2018 0 Comments

Jax's early is clearly your weak point. You have damage but nothing transcendent and above all you do not necessarily absorb the enemy damage. Therefore and depending on the opponents you will be able to try to trade but know that if it goes wrong you risk to put the rest of the game to return, to see if it's worth it so (although it is also true for your vis-à-vis in most cases).

Your goal will usually be to farm as much as you can to get your two precious items, the Trinity and the Pistol (or the Blade of the Fallen King).

You will have to have a constant eye on the map or know where the enemy jungler is, so as not to have any surprises.

This is the moment when you will start to wake up and show what you are doing! You have technically your most important objects and you will not have too much trouble to trade your vis-à-vis unless it is in 10/0 or you are in 0/10 with 3/4 levels of delay .

It will be good to regroup with your team, you bring after all a lot of damage and if it is well managed you will clearly lead the team fight in your favor to be able to go on goals like recover towers or the Dragon.

Remember to continue to farm a maximum, the build of Jax is quite expensive, you must continue to become the most resistant and solid if necessary because if you are ahead at this stage of the game, you will not feel the blows too much because the enemies do not have any more damage but the more the time passes and the more they will obtain them.

It is possible to split push with a Jax if you have a Teleport to join your team at any time. If you are in advance, no opposing member will dare to fight alone and you will grab at least two enemies which can provide a significant advantage for your allies.

It's not technically for you to initiate a fight, however, if there is no one else to do it with your A and your E you have plenty of things to do without forgetting your R that will make you extremely tanky.

Your goal will be clearly to aim for the carry and if possible the opponent ADC since with your E he will not be able to touch you for 2 seconds and if you get to stun him he will be dead before he can try to hit you again .

Jax is a terrifying champion from the mid game, it's a safe bet that you will be the target of many enemies, how you managed to get into the fight, activate your R at the right time. Ideally, if you can keep a low profile and then venture where enemies do not expect, you will suffer much less damage and you will more easily kill opponents. Nevertheless, it will be necessary to see if it is a good idea that your allies take the blows for you or not.

When faced with teams filled with control and poke spells, it will be a good idea to play a defensive role, try to catch an enemy or protect your carry if CDA has the idea to engage one.

In short depending on the situation as always you must adapt. You have a lot of damage, enough to tank a little but the solution will not be 100% go straight and type anything that moves far away.