Jarvan IV Guide

Ocak 24, 2018 0 Comments

At the very beginning of the game, know that you do not necessarily have the best kit possible to go ganker. While you theoretically have your E that will boost your allies, but if you do not have one or two big controls at level 1, it may be very complicated. If you start safely, try focusing on the bot-side where your ADC and your support can help you get started. Try to secure your two buffs quickly and climb to level 3-4 fast enough.

If you have not done a gank yet, a quick ride to the next mid or top where the enemies are will be welcome. Your red buff is certainly an advantage for gank but it is not essential: you have an excellent combo that allows bump. Once this step accomplished (with success!) You will have to return farmer.
Depending on your side, it will be good to direct you either on Gromp or the Golems you have not done yet. Then chase on the other available camps and always look if you have gank way, while being wary of your health. If you are at the bottom of the map and you see the opposing jungler at the top, it may be an idea to check the other side of the jungle to steal some monsters.

Here is a way to do early among many. For example, it is possible to quickly rush one side of the jungle in order to back to get your machete improved as soon as possible. However, doing so is risk losing one of two buffs if the enemy has the misfortune to go there.

So it's up to you to see if the risk is happening or not. There is no perfect road, it will depend on the champion you face, but also how the game is going. It is still recurring that the beginning will often look like this more or less: farm up to level 3 + gank + farm again + gank / or farm up to level 6 for gank.

It can be difficult to successfully regulate leveling while maximizing lane support. Always try to gauge the opposing levels, if you have the same level as the enemy jungler it's already a good start (not as good as it is). Try not to have too much difference with the level of enemy solo laners, otherwise you risk losing big ganks.

At the level of the lanes to promote, technically you will focus your attacks on the top early in the game to not especially come back later. In addition to orienting yourself on the Dragon goal it is advisable not to get too far from the botlane. If the enemies constantly see you on top, they will not hesitate to attack your botlane without fear and to make the Dragon.

Try to support your winning lanes, so you can achieve goals and especially continue to put an enemy at the bottom. A player at the bottom is a player who has no impact in the game or almost and therefore a threat less. If you see that one of your adversaries who loses his lane badly begins to lose patience and threatens to leave the game, look anyway what you can do to help him, without offering a double to your opponent who is already (too much) good in his part.

Another tip will consist of counter gank, ie to predict where goes gank the opponent jungler so that you do the same. You will certainly create the surprise of this kind and if you are more effective you will win, if you kill the enemy jungler it will be beneficial to put it late or also chained to a Dragon.

Sometimes, when it will not be possible for your team to challenge a goal, if you trust your smiter abilities, you can take the risk. A death (yours) against the gain of a Nashor or a Dragon, it is tempting. Do not train your entire team in your downfall, however, because at a profit level level it is discussed especially if you do not have the goal in the end!

At the sight of your kit, there is little doubt about the fact that you are likely to have to engage especially if the opportunity arises. Technically the ideal will be to lock up a maximum of enemies in your ultimate, however, be careful not to reserve the same fate with your allies especially if you have your precious cardboard carry.

Likewise, he does not forget that Cataclysm can turn off by raising it, no need to waste precious seconds if the spell no longer has to be. Your bump may also interrupt the pipes, it may be essential in some situations. Sometimes you will not have to be afraid to do Flash + E + A + R if you are sure your allies are following. If you happen to kill an important opponent for his team, at the end of the game it can be the key to victory or at least lead you to an inhibitor or a Nashor.

In some cases it will be good to play more defensively, protecting your allies if the situation is not adequate to initiate or rather because the enemies are already running on you. Your ultimate can serve as a prison for an enemy a little too oppressive on your carry. Similarly your combo and your Z will be good controls to help save time for your carry do the necessary.

Always look at the situation before you act and ask yourself if you are more lucky to go to this monstrous bazaar or if it is wiser to stay with your allies and support them.