Janna Guide

Ocak 24, 2018 0 Comments

Janna's early is clearly not crazy, she is fragile, her poke is limited and she has no real sustain. It will be redoubled vigilance or the slightest misstep will put you one foot in the grave. It is not necessary nevertheless to remain under your turn to wait for things to happen. Depending on the situation you will be able to more or less allow you to put Zs to your opponents and see if your E will have a better impact on you or your ADC.

Remember to keep your A for delicate situations until you have your ultimate.

It's from the mid game that Janna really starts to blossom, not only will you get some CD reduction but a little more power so you'll be able to chain your spells and the enemies will hate that.

In addition, your impact to challenge the objectives as a Dragon will be very strong thanks to your ultimate that offers an important psychological aspect. Not easy to face a team with an opponent who rejects you and heals his allies. It will therefore be very careful to your placement because the enemies will greatly appreciate to crush you if they can and you will not faint if you suffer their damage.

If you have taken a Mejai, make sure to place your shield on the person who will make the kills as well as try to reach as many people as possible with your tornado. The sooner your Mejai is fully loaded you will be a major pillar in your team, both utilitarian and with damage that can accumulate quickly enough from your weak cooldowns.

Not much to know about Janna's late game, it will take care to stay with your team. It would be a shame if they ended up at 4 because you were too exposed. Do not try to walk alone at this time of the game that can lead to defeat.

You bring great strength to your team during the fighting, so you have to be there to have the time to make your "effect".

There are videos that show you Janna who flash-in the opposing team and who launch their ultimate then it's a carnage (in the good sense of the word), we will nevertheless recommend you not to do that and especially not in soloQ because it requires a cohesion and perfect communication with his team otherwise it can very badly happen and result in your allies who find themselves at 4 and you without flash or ultimate in addition to being dead.

Janna during a team fight must be there for her team she will not be the type to make the front lane. On the contrary it will seek to place a good tornado, a shield on a target of choice and as a last resort use its ultimate either to save its allies, either to disperse the enemies or to interrupt them.

You have to look everywhere as Janna and analyze the situation quickly to adapt. There is no combo to just apply to act according to what you see while making the best decisions possible.