Irelia Guide

Ocak 24, 2018 0 Comments

Irelia's early is her biggest worry, as she will of course be quite fragile and will not have the damage yet to make a difference. It's in the odd levels that she really starts to shine and especially from level 5.

Therefore before this level 5, you will try to farm at best, try to place some auto-attacks, or even an E on the enemy if possible (if it is a match up clinch). In the case of a distance, it will just be wise, you have little chance to kill if he plays correctly early in the game.

You can farm the creeps with A, but even if it makes mana you will lose a certain amount anyway, so see it as an absolute necessity if not abstain. Similarly snapping your Z for sustain can be a good thing, but during his cooldown your enemy will see you as vulnerable prey and you will not have the opportunity to attack him to kill him during this time so think twice before to use it for "nothing".

After level 5, you will have a Z strong enough to attempt an attack on the enemy depending on the opponent and your equipment. Remember to keep the E forever ideal, but if it's not possible use it anyway. It is important to slam your Z at the earliest most of the time, it also procs on your A. Nevertheless, do not use your A to initiate the fight unless you have the means of the reset by dashant on a creep (while killing him) to get closer to your opponent.

Remember that once level 6, not only your Z proc on each blade of your ultimate, but that it will make you life in addition to potentially clear the creeps, so make good use of it.

The mid-game of Irelia will be very strong, Trinidad in hand and it's party time! If you have managed your early you will most likely crush your opponent. If you do not, you should be able to trade it more and more based on the delay you have accumulated, keep farming and gauge how much you can attack it to kill it if that is the case.

If you have a blaze, you will rather stay on your lane by making mid-shifts if possible, conversely a Teleport will allow you to take a ride on the botlane or help the Dragon.

The late game of Irelia is strong, it will scare more than one. If you play with TP, the split-push will be more than recommended as you will force the opposing team to come often to two to kill you or you back and thus occupy two enemies is two less to manage for your team on another lane!

If you are without TP, it's more dangerous, because you must be absolutely there if a teamfight explodes, you bring too much damage in addition to a tankyness non-negligible.

Irelia is a bruiser, that is to say, she has something to tank, but also an important potential to make sacred damage. His kit will allow him to run on the back lines and focus on the most fragile opponents carry. Aside from your E (and still) you do not really have anything to defend your allies that's why you'll be more of a go-getter. Be careful, however, depending on your equipment to do it intelligently, you have nothing to initiate the fight actually, but you are a good ally to force the damage in the enemy rear line.