Illaoi Guide

Ocak 24, 2018 0 Comments

Illaoi is an interesting champion to play in particular by its mechanics oriented around its tentacles. Its early is neither good nor bad and will depend mainly on the matchup you will face.

Generally you will be effective against a champion cashing your damage but not having anything to hurt you severely or not having increased mobility. On the other hand, it will be necessary to be careful against the champions at a distance or those having a kit possessing what to control you or to charge you in the twinkling of an eye (especially if the damages that they possess are of the part).

This Priestess Kraken possesses damage that is not negligible but in compensation she is far from conceding the shots effectively and will have trouble catching many enemy targets without having to use her Flash.

So gauge your opponent and depending on the champion he plays and his ability to scare you or not, decide whether you prefer to play more safely or aggressively. Your Tentacle Strike (A) will be an excellent tool to poke an opponent just as wave clear the henchmen, feel free to use it sparingly. In the same way, think of how to best orient your tentacles which you benefit thanks to your liabilities and try to protect them from the adversary if it proves feasible without costing you the life!

Once your ultimate in your pocket, you may be able to inflict heavy damage or even survive a gank. Illaoi is a champion who puts a lot of pressure on his lane and is not necessarily the easiest person to gank if he has his ultimate available. However, lack of mobility and lack of controls, it may play tricks according to the composition of the opponent. Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses against the enemies you face.

Illaoi's midgame is where she can usually shine the most. Indeed, it will have an equipment that will offer him good damage and a certain tankyness of what dare to venture a little more in the fray against enemies unarmed or slightly more feverish than this one.

However, do not take yourself for a tank you are not one and face a opponent with only damage you risk to succumb without having had time to understand what just happened.

Regarding your lane, you will be able to split push more or less effectively. The wave clear of Illaoi is not so bad (a good A in the heap and voila!), Do not forget to have the vision in the area under penalty of being sanctioned.

The end game of Illaoi will usually consist of succeeding in placing his ultimate in a team fight in order to inflict maximum damage to opponents. You can also in a poke composition, serve as a defender for your allies, if enemies come too close, even if you have no control spells, you have enough to inflict damage that will keep anyone 'dare at a distance!

You can also do split push even if it will be rare that you can do 1 against 1 at this time of the game (of course depending on the enemy).

In the fight Illaoi can act in two different ways:

- Either protect his allies by staying close to them and threaten to use his ultimate against anyone who dares to approach too much.

- Run into the pile and surprise the enemies at best.

The first case is the least dangerous but will be the least used in general. As for the second, ideally avoid being the first to go into the enemy fray, you are not a tank and you may not come out alive. Indeed you have damage but nothing to avoid the opponents to hit you, balance it will be giving, giving! Ideally if you have a Malphite or a Shen to initiate the result will be even more effective without the need to risk your life to its climax.

Your ultimate is not necessarily difficult to place but we must not forget that it is generated around Illaoi for a given radius. Likewise, you can imagine that it will be much more effective in certain specific areas of the map where enemies will not be able to move as they wish. At the same time, it will be a good way to go to challenge a Nashor or a Dragon (the potential carnage in the enclosure!) Or in a siege situation (more effective if you are the defender but not negligible also as attacking at least to roll back enemies).