Heimerdinger Guide

Ocak 24, 2018 0 Comments

The gameplay of Heimerdinger is not very complicated. Your goal will be to put your turrets in the most efficient way so that the enemy has a hard time destroying them while trying to inflict maximum damage. By playing this champion you will very often have to play under the enemy tower as he has a good ability to push and even destroy buildings. As a result, be sure to place your towers so that they can protect you from a gank and even ideally take a kill.

It's never easy to gank yourself, especially once you're level 6 because yes, you're killable, but you'll surely bring an enemy with you to the grave or even both, so it's not a bad thing on the contrary.

Be aware that your E is your only control spell so using it means wanting to kill the target or defend yourself, there is no other reason to waste it. Surely not for poke anyway! Prefer your Z which offers good damage and an interesting range.

Shifting with a Heimer is not really the joy but it is not unfeasible. On the other hand you will be very useful for the objectives such as the destruction of towers but especially the Barons / Dragons. Indeed, you can solot the Dragon (it's better to have your jungler with you, especially for the smite and avoid the risk of being robbed).

Your turrets make good targets to manage the aggro, attention nevertheless they are targeted in priority by the enemy towers.

It is not always easy to place your turrets when a fight breaks out so you must prepare the ground as best you can. Ideally, continue to farm as much as possible and maintain strong pressure on your lane. Heimer pushes very fast and makes good damage on the buildings, the enemies will be obliged to intervene if they do not want to see their inhibitor destroyed.

Heimer is struggling to manage a team fight "surprise" because he can not put his turrets as best as possible. That's why it can be interesting to set a trap for enemies, so you can place your three towers. As for the laning phase, try to make sure that your towers are not all glued so they do not get destroyed in one go.

Your goal will clearly be to try to make the team fight even more chaotic than it already is by inflicting as much damage as possible. Take advantage of the right moment to place your ultimate with your A or Z depending on what the situation requires.

Heimer is clearly not the best hero for a mass fight but if he has time to prepare he can really generate a defense zone with turrets where your allies can retreat if necessary or surprise the enemies who would dare to venture there.