Hecarim Guide

Ocak 24, 2018 0 Comments

Q is more profitable to farm your jungle so make the most of it. At the level of the possible roads it remains quite personal, preferred to start where you will be quiet and you will have a maximum of help. Of course, if you already have a plan like gank the toplane as soon as possible it will be good to leave on the blue and then the red to have it history to slow down the enemy (after all depends on which side of the map where you you find...).

Regarding the ganks there are two ways to attack with a Hecarim, either by surprise with the help of an E before loaded + q which will prove devastating if not using your ultimate. Remember that for the latter only the Hecarim impact zone will inflict fear so be sure to aim well. It is nevertheless possible to surprise also by crossing a wall with this one.

Hecarim has an early average but it will get stronger and stronger over time, so do not hesitate to gank one or two pre-level 6 based on the opposing mix and opportunities but try to get to the most quickly to this precious level that will start to unlock your true potential.

It will be necessary to get in the habit of using your E which will be able to really inflict damages abused in addition to the knockback which will be able to really favor a gank, it will require a little control but it is an excellent tool to know how to use.

From the mid game, you become a nightmare for the enemy team. Because of your high mobility, you will be able to be present quickly on many lanes while having some possibiltiés to farm. It will be necessary to learn to alternate these moments and to concretize / make them profitable to the maximum.

Hecarim's greatest difficulty is placing his fear with his ultimate and controlling his E with the damage bonus and knockback. Beyond that Hecarim is a character becoming very strong if you equip a minimum and you have a vision of the game that follows.

It is possible to initiate a team fight with Hecarim using his ultimate as he has a high mobility with his E and can chase the enemies for wrestling and ideally the fear! However, if you have another Leona, Malphite, or other stun-style style, it will be easier for you to place your control spell just before the end of the stun in order to relaunch control over the enemies.

Another possibility, it will be possible to keep your ultimate (if the team fight goes well especially) to defend a carry in need. Likewise, your E can help repel an enterprising enemy. So depending on the situation and the composition you will either be in the fray or you will play more defensively. It is obvious that this will usually be the first case, but do not think it will always be the best solution.