Gragas Guide

Ocak 24, 2018 0 Comments

Gragas is still a pretty safe pick in early, because he is pretty tanky but in parallel, it will be quite difficult for him to kill his opponent. Mainly if it is at a distance, because he will really put himself in danger while against a match up scrum it will be more easily able to approach and type.

In order to farm a maximum it will be good to mount your A, which is also a good skill to zone the enemy and inflict damage without taking too much risk.

Gragas will have an early adaptation that will suit the opponent but will still remain in the context of a farm in general unless you go on a Ignition (you never know) and you know you have the means to kill your vis-à-vis. In this case it will be good to chain A + Z or A + Z + E but taking care where the enemy jungler is if you sacrifice your mobility.

It is from this moment of the game that Gragas can begin to assert itself. Depending on the choices in his equipment he can be incredibly resistant or with good damage. It is also possible to make a mix of the two which will generally be the wisest, always adapt to the opposing composition in order to get the most out of your game.

If you have been forced to play under your turn, with your ultimate you will be able to bring back your enemy under it or even kill him. Likewise if he has encamped his tower, you can get him out with Explosive Drum (R). This ultimate is really very powerful both in terms of damage and the level of movement it makes sure the enemies, it will nevertheless require some control.

Do not hesitate to use it, the cooldown remains quite weak. It will be very effective for disengaging a gank and thus between this one and your E you will become hard to gankable.

At the end of the game, Gragas is powerful enough, but he is not really one to kill in one instant. That is why it will be best to stay with your team and prepare yourself in the event of a team fight or a specific goal you will play a great importance in these situations including using your ultimate.

Gragas in a team fight will be able to jump as much as play slightly more passive to defend his important allies. It will be possible for him, for example, to pierce the enemy front to place an A + Z + E on a fragile target and finish it with an R while leaving the fight without real risks.

Similarly, keeping his A or his E to protect an ally will be useful or even his R as a last resort. The R is a very strong spell that enemies will dread so much it can severely disrupt a team fight and separate the enemies which is never good. Separating enemies and isolating them means that it is easier to kill them and focus specifically on targets in priority, that's the strength of the explosive device.

Be careful, it's still a difficult spell to control, and sometimes you'll want to bring enemies closer to you, and instead you drive them away, so the opposite can happen and put your allies at risk. So be careful how you use it and the consequences it will bring.