Gnar Guide

Ocak 24, 2018 0 Comments

The goal of your early game will be simple enough to summarize: Farmer and harness the maximum using your boomerang. Gnar is very squishy at the beginning of the game so do not bother to take too much risk: play safe unless your jungler is deep behind you.

At this point in the game, you are not as squishy as you used to be, you will now be able to zone your opponent in addition to farm. You will also have more weapons to escape enemy ganks. In addition, do not hesitate to kite your opponents as much as possible because your Z will allow you to move faster once you have typed the same target three times.

As for teamfights, the goal is to get into it as Mega-Gnar. The ideal combo when you engage is an E-R-Z-A if you are full rage. If you are in mini-Gnar format, do not position yourself especially frontline because you will blow up in less than two. Instead, look for poke with your A and if the pre-Teamfight phase drags on, you'll have time to fill your rabies bar.

If you get caught, try one more kite ride with your Z and with your A, and once your rage bar is full, make the perfect counter-engagement!