Garen Guide

Ocak 24, 2018 0 Comments

In the current metagame where we often see dueling tank to toplane, Garen proves to be not so disgusting as that. Ok, he is out of meta, but he can make coffee if he is well handled.

Like all planing, your goal will be to farm as much as possible for you stuff as quickly as possible. You will also have to harass your lane if you ever have the possibility, if it approaches too close to you / your henchmen. In early game, you will not do any damage, either, but once your Black Cleaver is in your pocket, you can cut it. If you end up unlucky against a match-up distance, I wish you good luck: he will be able to poke you constantly and it will be difficult for you to do anything. Leave to lose some creeps, do not give you so that your lane does not take the advantage too quickly.

The toplane is very conducive to early gank, so you will perform a very good warding and do not play too deep. Garen does not have an escape itself, he just goes faster by activating his (Q). In early game, you will not resist much, and a Garen is easy prey, so beware! If you survive the first 10 minutes, you will be comfortable to arrive on the mid-game!

Garen does not have the best split push ability in the world, but you will force your opponent or even an additional player to attack you because you will be rather tanky. This may give a certain advantage to your team which will, logically, outnumbered the first clashes.

There are no mysteries: you will have to either splitpush (it's not crazy in terms of damage, but that's what any toplaner does), keep your teleport for the major goals (Dragons or Gank Botlane for example) and start acting as frontline for your team: your goal will be to inflict some damage but most importantly, help your carry to position well and free DPS.

Garen is a brave knight, but do not go headlong with "BLBLBL DEMACIAAA" mode. Well, it can work if you are fed. But ask yourself these important questions: does my team need help? Can I splitpush? In general, take the time to analyze the situation and see what is the best option to give your team the edge.

Of a rather tanky nature, you will not be afraid to throw yourself into the fight, in all logic! Your role will be to hinder or even kill fragile targets with heavy damage if possible while focusing attention on you.

Again everything depends on the situation! Redundant information that is vital to assimilate! If your team is not ready to follow you for a variety of reasons, do not go one-on-one.

In late game, you are an off-tank / tank, and your damage is interesting on the opponent's carry. Do not even imagine taking a 1v1 against another tank, the duel would be much too long.

Your goal? Serve first line to your team so that the carry can do damage without being afraid to be opened in two. Your main targets will of course be the opposing squishy champions. Even if there is a flaw on the left, do not go into the pile 1 against 5, you risk getting killed quickly, leaving your allies in a beautiful galley!

Your ultimate (R) can be very useful as a finisher (as in early and mid game) on an enemy who would escape nothing at all. This could decant the situation and allow your team to win.

Outside the teamfight phases, with your teleport, apply pressure on another lane than your allies: we will necessarily send someone to defend, and your team can take the opportunity to put pressure elsewhere. If it is the enemy toplaner who comes to make you a cuckoo, you will have your silence (A) to cancel his TP.