Gankplank Guide

Ocak 24, 2018 0 Comments

The early game will consist of alternating the phases of poke with the farm. Starters differ: most of the time we start with a Sapphire Crystal and potions to quickly achieve Brilliance, or a classic Corruption Potion or Doran Shield. With your oranges (Z), you have a clean CC and extra sustain. If you put a good pressure in the early game, you will take the advantage quickly. Attention jungler ganks nevertheless, generally we do not like the GP fed. Since you do not have an escape, you will be an easy target. You can still use your oranges (Z) and barrels powder (E) to apply a slow and heal if necessary.

All of Gangplank's skill lies in placing multiple casks and blowing them up at the same time to make a chain and do big damage with critical hits, in addition to applying a slow. Once level 6 is reached, use it to apply pressure to another lane: put the backline of the enemy, it can not back down, helping your allies to secure a kill, alone or with the jungler.

As mentioned earlier, GP Ultimate will be the key to decanting other lanes (see yours). It will allow you to put extra pressure and why not take kills to be an advantage.

With your TP, you can teleport to make surprise ganks and take major goals like the Dragon or the Rift Herald if you want to go back to the top. Always try to see where your neighbor is: you have no ability to interrupt the enemy TP, so it can be fateful for your team. If this happens, use your TP too to bring numerical equality or decide to do a splitpush job. It is rather interesting and if ever an enemy other than the tank toplaner comes to defend, you will welcome it with Talks (A) that will do some damage thanks to the Shine.

The main objective of Gangplank is to do maximum zone damage with a well-placed combo of casks, which is exploded through Talks (A), if possible in criticism. That's why the build of GP is oriented on critical hits, as well as on a trinity rush to maximize the damage of the A spell, and consequently the barrel. However, be careful: even with 40% cdr, you only have three barrels. Maximize your chances of hitting multiple opponents by using your barrels on restricted targets. Because the barrel combo has a large range, you can easily punish an enemy carry too far advanced.

If there are no opportunities to fight, remember that you have your teleport and so you can apply pressure on another lane, forcing an opponent to defend (not obvious against a GP elsewhere) ). Your ultimate will usually serve as a hedge rather than a finisher, try placing it so that enemies are blocked and thus slowed down, forcing them to use their Summoners Spells.

Of course with GP, try to punish the enemy carry who are very squishy. You do not resist masses either with your stuff so be careful not to make yourself hard CC, even if you have Oranges (Z) to heal and clean a control.