Galio Guide

Ocak 24, 2018 0 Comments

Galio's early is quite complicated in Midlane. Galio is not really "cut" to win his direct opponent. Face a Zed, Talon or LeBlanc you must be very vigilant. It will be necessary to be careful not to expose you too much and farm quietly.

Regarding laning phase, do not hesitate to poke with your (A). If the opponent gets closer to you, use your (Z) directly to reduce the damage it causes you, then hit it with your liabilities. Finally you have the choice, either to use your (E) aggressively for the trade or defensively to flee.
Your spell kit makes it easy for you to track and initiate a gank of your jungler with your commitment and controls (E + Z), so do not be afraid to ask for Midlane support. Once your level 6 in your pocket, your mission is to clean your wave quickly to shift on the map. Like a Twisted Fate or Aurelion Sol, your real asset is your ability to create the digital advantage on the lanes of your allies.

Be careful, however, the passage of level 6 of your opponents who will try to kill you because they know that your Ultimate is useless in 1 against 1.

The mid game of Galio is very powerful with your Secular Staff and / or Abbey Scepter. Enjoy! Your damage will start to be substantial. 5-on-5 fights and jungle skirmishes are your favorite playgrounds. Thanks to your Ultimate you will be able to return the fight in your favor. Plus with your zone provocation (Z) and a Flash it's easy to control multiple opponents.

Galio's late game stays strong enough, you'll be able to put a lot of damage on several targets, while having some tankyness and a power of delay during the fighting. Your 45% CDR build allows you to spam your spells.

To finish your build, you have the choice, ending with an AP item (like Rabadon) or a more defensive item (like Spiritual Face). Remember that in late game, a good Ultimate from you can win the game!