Fizz Guide

Ocak 24, 2018 0 Comments

Fizz has a rather delicate early-game, simply because the latter scales wonderfully with the golds and its leveling. Your full potential will be revealed in mid-late game and your early game will be handled with great caution. At the very beginning, the goal will be to farm the best possible and avoid the poke of the opponents champions. The higher you go in the levels, the more you will be able to trade your opponent.

Once you get to level 6, you'll have a huge kill potential all at once, and you'll see that your opponent will oddly play defensively at once.

It is also very important to be careful not to get put in the bottom when you play Fizz. Indeed, your champion has a snowball capacity simply insane and take 2-3 kills in early game will often be synonymous with butchery in the late game, but it works the other way too: If you're at the bottom of the beginning of the part, the ascent will be longer and difficult than expected.

So here you are at your culminating point: the mid-game. The goal will be as follows: Clean your lane as soon as possible, go farm in your jungle or in the jungle of the opponent to pocket a maximum of golds in a short time. There is also another area in which Fizz excels: roaming.

With its good mobility and burst capacity, the latter can clearly make the difference if you go for a walk on the side of your botlane for example. Nevertheless, try to timer your roams in the best possible way: Make sure to recover kills and / or goals with each shift.

One word of order: Find the right person to disintegrate, and by extension, the AD Carry or AP Carry in most cases. Do not play too much at the hero by wanting to brainstorm their frontline, because even if you have a very good kit (the A / E) and a tempo means' thanks to your Zhonya, you remain a very fragile target.

You play a killer who has more provisions to go dive people, which means that you will be able to shine or pass for the worst Fizz player in the world. Take the time to analyze the situation each time to throw yourself headlong on a target that "seems" achievable.

Do not hesitate in the late game to change the trinket to clean enemy wards to get you into the fray by surprising the opposing team.