Fiora Guide

Ocak 24, 2018 0 Comments

In early game, the goal will of course be to farm in the best possible way. But Fiora is a brute in early game, and this from level 1. Of course, try to wait to have your three spells to be really aggressive. The most complicated will be to find the balance between good farming, harass and focus of the opposing champion. Depending on your form in the trade, the ideal is to attempt a first big assault from your level 3-4, especially if you have a ignite with you, because you will be above in 80% of cases. Try to insure this with the arrival of your jungler, because a Fedora fed from the beginning of the game, can simply carry a game all by itself.

Do not forget either that you do not have a real escape (you must indeed have an enemy target behind you to dasher), so think well ward not to die stupidly.

As for the mid-game, it all depends on how your early game. If you got stuck, it's very bad news because you're going to have a hard time getting back up. But it is not lost: it will freeze your lane, and try to catch up (possibly) in terms of creeps.
If you are in a strong position and you win your lane, consider dropping the tower of your vis-à-vis. You are going to look for (especially when you are fed) to force teamfights with your team, because Fiora shines in this kind of exercise. Do not hesitate to arch-push your lane to join your mat asap, especially if you have a TP.

Nevertheless there is one thing you will have to do, whatever the situation: Warder. Yes you are not support, and yes, you will move less than your jungler but the warding, the vision, it is simply the key. At first, it's good for your safety because you see people coming, and in another, it also allows you to be aggressive or try kills that you would not have tried without vision. Baron Nashor falls very quickly, and it will be your job as a toplaner to guarantee the vision to your team.

Few champions can afford 1vs1 Fiora full build. Make the most of this advantage to chase a misplaced opponent or splitpush, but again, the vision will be paramount. Without it you will be looped, and it would be very annoying. Thanks to your ravenous hydra, we will be able to remove quite quickly. You will have to clean your lanes filled with enemy minions often enough!

As for teamfights, there are already several things to take into account before going in like a nag;
- In what ways are the teams composed? Are there peelers? Are there tanks or someone to initiate? What is the best way to approach the TF (Big all-in, poke, AoE sequence etc ...)
- What are the threats facing? Is it hard to hire someone or rather try to protect our mates from a certain champion
- The position of the enemies: You will always have a precise target with Fiora, namely the carry, or the targets in cardboard. Keep in mind, however, that your ulti 'has a small reach and therefore you will need to be careful when launching.

The ideal with Fiora is of course to have a hard-engage. In fact, without a real tank to get into the pile, the very fact of pick Fiora might seem doubtful. Whether it is at the level of the support with Leona who engages then tank, or Thresh who can initiate, and you then lantern, or a tank with the Sejuani, Malphite, Gnar or Amumu, you really need someone who will enter in first, and preferably someone who owns a big CC AoE.

As mentioned above, there are also two things to consider: the potential dangers to you as an Irelia or Jax: Keep an eye on it for not vanish, and most importantly, also keep an eye on your main targets.