Fiddlesticks Guide

Ocak 24, 2018 0 Comments

Fiddlesticks is very effective at cleaning his jungle with his Z, although he has a capacity to do it slow enough that the junglers can be tempted to come into his jungle to steal his monsters.

Ideally, start your blue buff. You do not necessarily need a big help to start therefore some AA of your toplaner if you are botside enough!

Fiddlesticks having a very strong sustain he will be able to stay longer in the jungle or even try a gank on a lane with more life. In addition, facing junglers can not interrupt your Z you will clearly have the advantage against them early in the game as your drain will be deadly coupled with your fear / silence.

In mid game, Fiddlesticks must have his Zhonya and ideally chain more ganks to achieve the goals. It is usually best to support the lanes that are doing best to maintain the pressure.

The mid and late game of Fiddlesticks are similar except that it will be more armed to inflict heavy damage. Much will depend on your success in placing the ultimate that can be a good way to initiate, split the enemies or at best annihilate them.

In Teamfight, it will obviously try to place an ultimate on the most targets, with a lot of flash-in. In the ideal case, you will need ulti + flash-in, A on a rather fragile target, then E and use your Zhonya to delay. You will do monstrous damage, and your allies will finish the job! Be careful your ultimate can be interrupted during the pipe, so stay a good distance!

This is your main weapon, it will represent a big pressure for the enemy team. Be careful not to be in a place where the opponents have the vision when you use it.