Ezreal Guide

Ocak 24, 2018 0 Comments

In early game, your goal will of course be to farm as well as possible. The ultimate goal is to get to farm with your AA, while harassing the ADC opponent A when the latter will try to come last-hit the creeps. Do not try to go all-in at all costs because you will probably be losing. Your A allows you to harass over time and impose a constant pressure: take advantage of this and snipe up your vis-à-vis. Pay attention, however, to your mana.

Once level 6, if you have a support that can immobilize like Leona or other Thresh / Taric, swing your R directly to be sure to inflict maximum damage.

At this point in the game, you will start to see if you can eat some kills on the left. The fact of 1vs1 someone with Ezreal will very often be a bad idea, because you may get dislocated. If on the other hand you have a red buff or the Gauntlet, you may be a little more likely to play on your ability to kite. The alliance between your BotRK and your red buff will give you a big capacity for poke and burst, abuse it.

You're not at all in a strong position with Ezreal in mid-game and wanting to finish the game at that point is not the best idea in the world. You are safe and can have an impact in the game, so enjoy.

You are now ultra-godlike and completely fed (or maybe not), but in any case you have a lot more impact than before. Stay with your team: your goal is to follow the commitment of a Malphite / Leona / Sejuani or a champion of this type and put your ultimate in the best possible way. The goal will be to catch targets that are a little too confident and have overextend too much, because you have a good burst. Of course, do not forget to lend a hand to your mates for taking dragons / baron and try steals of genius with your ultimate!

Make sure to put your ultimate on as many people as possible, just to have your liability insta-loaded. Snip the enemies with your A, and if you think you can finish a target, jump in with your E. The most squishy targets will of course be your goals, and as a carry AD, pay very close attention to your placement.