Evelynn Guide

Ocak 24, 2018 0 Comments

Have Evelynn get started with your A, perfect spell for clean jungle. You will start in blue to avoid running out of mana.

Evelynn being relatively fragile, you usually go back to improve your machete and regenerate yourself before making your first gank. Depending on the situation you will be able to either gank from level 3 or 4 or wait for your level 6.

As a stealthy person you generate strong psychological pressure on your enemies only through your presence in the game, they will always seek to know where you are. So be careful not to reveal yourself too easily. You must act in the shadows and surprise.

Once the mid game has arrived and obtaining your level 6, you will be able to gank very often with or without your ultimate good that the latter will contribute greatly to the success of a kill on the enemies especially thanks to the slow and the shield that it gives you.

Do not hesitate to put pressure on your lanes who have the advantage to continue to maintain this advantage. If there are possibilities to the bot enjoy the maximum also because if it is a success you can chained on a dragon.

In general, Evelynn is not a very difficult character to play. It's a question of knowing when to place your ultimate (usually as soon as possible and on a maximum of enemies), use your A excessively, apply your E for a good burst and a gain of speed of attack and keep your Z in case your enemy slows you down or has escape, apply a maximum of auto-attacks and that's it!

The late game of Evelynn is not bad, depending on the build and function you play on your team you will be able to send a lot of damage to the opponents or even tank more than suitably, stay tuned. even close to your team without revealing you in order to be ready for a possible fight.

Next how you play Evelynn she will have the opportunity to initiate a fight with her ultimate (and especially if she already has a tanky stuff or even a full AP stuff) or rather to be a little more patient and wait for an initiation more appropriate to add over its ultimate.

Her ultimate is clearly an important key to the success of a team fight and a survival win for her during these fights. The more she will hit targets, the more she will gain an important shield, but more importantly she will slow down the enemies while injuring them to allow your allies to act more easily.