Elise Guide

Ocak 24, 2018 0 Comments

It will be good to start with the Blue Buff if you are the Red team, and start with the Red Buff if you are the Blue team. The goal is to clean his jungle quickly to get his level 3 quickly, and try a gank on the toplane or the midlane, it depends on the push on one of the two lanes. It will take a good knowledge of the clean of each jungler, but take the reflex to see where is the jungler opponent (from a clean point of view). This will make it easier for you to anticipate your movements and establish a strategy. If your toplaner has a huge push in toplane for example, feel free to wait in one of the bushs in the lane, since the opposing jungler should try a gank. Thus, you find yourself in situation of 2v2, and Elise having a burst potential insane in early game, it can prove fruitful! If you ever discover that the enemy jungler is the opposite, do not hesitate to counter-jungle, waiting to take the 1v1, or simply by taking the monsters.
Knowing that Elise is the best jungler for tower dive early in the game: with her Reminder (E), she can have her small spiders tanked and not die. It's dangerous, but it can pass!

You can also maximize your experience and make little ganks, but it would spoil the character's early gancial potential.

The easiest route to do if you want to go to the blue level of the toplane: Red Buff, Wolf, Blue Buff, Carapator if you think you had a quick clean.

If you have taken a considerable advantage in early-game, you will be extremely effective in mid-game. You will have to help your allies to push the objectives, and most importantly, you will have to take care of the Dragons. It is possible to kill them solo if you alternate your human and spider shape around the 7/8 level. Remember to buy wards regularly to put them in the jungle opposing and thus have indications as to the displacement of your vis-à-vis. These wards will also be useful to help your allies to have a better vision (it helps, soloQ).

Also know that from your level 9 (once your (A) is max), you will start to put large chocolates, it will take maximum advantage, and try to force a maximum of fights and especially , 2v2 where you will clearly have the advantage.

In late-game, Elise's burst potential is still huge, but it will be harder to reach the enemy carry in teamfight. You risk being opened without being able to do anything. Elise's way of playing in late-game changes so slightly, you rather pass to a role of Support / Finisher. You will have to help the team's vision by placing wards at strategic points, and also succeeding with your Cocoons (E). If the CC is placed on a fragile enemy character, it can be the decisive catch!
If the early and mid-game are not going well, do not go into the pile! Instead, do a peel job for your carry, to prevent them from getting OS. Elise inflicting rough damage with her (A), combined with a Liandry, the Tanks will not take long to be proud!

Of course, keep an eye on the Dragons and Baron Nashor. Well timed, it is difficult to KS a Baron since the combined (A) and Smite do enormous damage. Do not hesitate to tank a few shots of towers with your spiders, you will always have your Reminder (E) in case of danger.