Ekko Guide

Ocak 24, 2018 0 Comments

Ekko is an assassin who shines mainly in the beginning and middle of the game. Of course, he has a burst more and more important, so at the end of the game it hurts nevertheless due to its fragility it can also die much more easily (because the enemy damage will also be present) and its vulnerability to control spells . Therefore, it is important to get ahead at the earliest to be always ahead of the enemy and not the other way around.

If you are in an unfavorable situation, you will have to look for the best kills or the farm but you will not have as much impact (if at all) in the part before this one approaches the 30/40 minutes and c is sometimes too late!

Therefore at the beginning of the game, you will directly try to assert yourself. You have a kit that allows you to kill a target at the earliest (ie level 3 or 4 ideally or even 2 if your opponent makes too many mistakes).

At this level of the game, do not use your A to wave clear, you do not have enough AP to oneshot the henchmen and you can quickly find yourself without mana. An Ekko without the ability to cast a spell is a passive Ekko and will therefore have trouble asserting itself on its lane and indirectly: farmer because your enemy will not hesitate to put pressure on you.

In terms of combos there is a lot of choice with Ekko, he is very playmaker. Before level 6, try a maximum of poke your enemy with your A when you see that he is approaching for last hit. Next the opponent try to place him two auto-attack + E auto-attack not only you go proc your passive but also the damage of the E enough to achieve a sacred burst.

If you want to initiate a fight in order to finish your enemy and if it turns out that he still has a lot of health, anticipate your Z. Indeed, the action time of the spell is very long, he so has a high reach so you launch it before engaging in combat. This is not easy to do and especially it will directly reveal your intentions to your enemy, more if you fail to place the spell it may be that it tries in turn to attack you to make you skin! Ideally always make sure to get the shield, if you can stun your enemy it will be the ultimate bonus. But above all do not start your E + A and then launch your Z, the fighting with Ekko are short (it is fragile it is not done to stay long in the fray).

Once level 6, it is the same principle if it is not an additional spell that will serve you mainly to escape (or offer you a mobility to make a move) or to treat you. Of course, if you manage to place the damage it is an advantage, but you will have to do this to force your enemy to stay close to your hologram and if it is not stupid it will never happen without the help of some spells Control off your stunning is complex to place. You can however initiate with the help of your R, if the enemy makes the mistake of being placed too close to your double, attention all the same this can be double edged if it has enough to cash the initial burst and then control you.

The midgame will happen depending on how you played your early game. Overall two choices will be drawn:

- you have rolled on your enemy, so it is technically the worst. Keep pushing it to give him no chance to come back and do not hesitate to lend a hand to the other lanes.

- the opponent has rolled you two, it will be difficult to face him and therefore to kill him. The wisest decision is to be farm but it will not always be enough. If your allies are not very good and especially if you think that there are interesting targets for you to reboost on the side of the enemies, staggering to save furniture is the mandatory situation in those moments!

Ekko as an assassin actually gets his peak of importance at this point in the game. It will have a burst capable of destroying the targets and they will not necessarily have the levels or the equipment necessary to face you. Moreover if you could snowball, saw your burst you can cut any enemy!

This is the time of the game where you will obviously have the most damage, against the enemies as logically and therefore you have enough to annihilate them in one shot but they too because you are very fragile.

So you will have to play smart, you are certainly an excellent assassin, but a dead assassin is not useful to his team, so try to take a maximum of enemy targets with you and especially the enemy carry if possible! Or even better, do not die!

A team fight with Ekko is galley. You will have to play the best of your Z and your R hoping that your enemies do not pay attention to you. So, if you have allies with good zone controls it will actually help if they are well placed and you will even have a little luck your R to do damage. enemies, however, when your allies manage to place their area CC is always easier. If you absolutely want to snap your R to do damage in a team fight, it will take time to stay in place so that your hologram confuse with you, while trying to convince the enemies to stay with you (logically you will have no trouble attracting them if you put yourself in a dangerous way, they will always want to kill you!). So use your Z to delay a maximum and ideally a Zhonya so you can R immediately at the end of it to hope to do the maximum damage. Conversely, the wisest solution as an assassin in a fight who wants to be very messy as possible is to be forgotten. After all you are fragile and the collateral damage is legion, nothing good for you. So try to attack the isolated targets while having done well to have analyzed beforehand the movements of your team and your opponents in order not to have the unpleasant surprise to note that there is in truth no team fight and you're all alone against five hungry enemies!