Dr.Mundo Guide

Ocak 24, 2018 0 Comments

We will begin our game with our Couperet (A) in our pocket. If your team wants invade, it will simply allow you to check the bushes to see if there is anyone. And if your invade is going well, it will simply be your perma-chase tool, so no alternative. It also works defensively to calm your enemies who are a bit too confident about invading your jungle.

In phase of lane, you will have a specific objective: farmer. You do not have a real kill force at the beginning of the game so avoid trying the devil by playing the heads. Once your level 6 in your pocket, you will be able to start trading, because you have a patient sustain via your ulti '. If you have the vision on the opponent jungler, you will even be able to try to proxy between the two towers for example. You also have good counter-jungle potential as Mundo Top, although it will be a little less easy with the new jungle.

During the mid-game, you will have to push your lane to drop the T1 (if it's not done yet), just to start shifting on the other lanes / in the jungle to create excess. If you see that the Carry AD or opposing AP is alone and too advanced, do not hesitate to go to the challenge, especially if you have your ulti 'car with your two core items, you will just roll on it.

The damage of Mundo is more than supported at this time of the game and you will undoubtedly be able to take a lot of trade in 1v1 or 2v1 (unless the guy in question is really too fed).

At this time of the game, you are a big meat bag with a lot of resistance. You are the tank of your team and you will be very often the one who will have to engage the fights and for that, you will have only to run in the pile like a moron. Your goal will be to stay alive as long as possible and one of the tricks will be to manage to delay the fire as it should.