Draven Guide

Ocak 24, 2018 0 Comments

Draven sends some sweet potatoes from the beginning mainly thanks to his A, so do not be afraid to hit the enemies. Supports enemies especially those who are fragile will do twice before coming to you poke because the trade will not be to their advantage.

You will fear, however (a minimum, just because Draven is not afraid of anything!) Tanky supports and will have the ability to catch you because you have no escape and even if Draven is very strong, it remains a ADC with the constitution that imposes.

Generally, opposing ADCs will not fight you unless they have more reach than you. You will have to go looking for them because they know that your damage is much higher than theirs.

Try to stack your liabilities well and then kill it if you have full control of the lane.

If your early has gone well and normally it is the case you go snowball to infinity and you will be a target of choice for your enemies so be careful to place yourself otherwise you will not fizzle.

You will be a pillar for the objectives of the incredible damage you have and you will even have the opportunity to try to steal the Dragon with your ultimate.

In team fight things are complicated because you must try to get your axes and it will often be impossible without too much exposure. It will mainly play with your A to reset the Z cooldown to use it for chase or run away. Each A placed on an enemy will be a victory as the damage will be significant.

Keep your E for difficult situations, especially if enemies come to attack you (and there will always be). Likewise, keep your R as a finisher.