Diana Guide

Ocak 24, 2018 0 Comments

Diana is strong enough (and strong) at the beginning of the game, the problem is that her kit does not allow her to approach a remote enemy and control it to make sure to kill him before he could just leave. For this it will be necessary to wait for your level 6 where all your power will be revealed!

There are two ways to play before getting your ultimate. Against a match up in melee, you will not be afraid to place some self-attacks on your enemy (especially with your liabilities) and even engage your shield (Z) if he wants to trade you or even to explode your spheres where it is needed. You also have a ranged spell, it's still a good poke for a low mana cost with a relatively short cooldown so there's a way to prevent an enemy from playing a melee and even gaining ground on this one.

When it comes to fighting an opponent playing remotely, it's a lot less fun, if he wants to rot your farm or even your ability to attack he can more or less do it effectively depending on his kit. It will be difficult for you to pick him up for self-attacks, and in general you can just try to take him out of life with your A, and unless he is completely AFK there is no chance of killing him that way. Your goal will therefore be to try to place a maximum of A, keep your health and farmer better because once level 6 if you have enough life and he has lost your first A that touches you will be able to link with your R and I can tell you that if the target is fragile it will flash otherwise it will die very quickly (the combo A + Z + R + R + early blaze is fatal).

Level 6 reached, fear the full power of Diana is the time to shine and recover kills.

Diana is a character who plays relatively aggressively with the spells she has. You can easily place an A + R to attack your enemy, according to its robustness you can kill it in a whole combo otherwise it will be used for poke. Warning, running on a target with the A + R makes you vulnerable so if it's only for poke think about how you get out for example by reactivating your R to dasher on an enemy creep placed in a better place than yours.

As long as you can place your A, playing Diana will not be difficult and the damage will be there. Do not hesitate to shift you have a strong ability to gank between your combo A + R and your E which is a real ordeal for enemies.

Try charging your first two hits on minions before throwing an A + R for maximum damage especially if you have a shine. Overall any fragile enemy that is to say the majority of mages, assassins like Talon or Zed, you will destroy them in a complete combo (Passive Attack + A + Z + R + E + R). Remember to place self-attacks once you are in melee on your target do not underestimate the damage of them.

This is the moment when you are the strongest, take advantage of it to sit down and try to win the game. There will be few people who can fight you (if you forget the tanks that you will have a hard time falling, they will not be able to kill you either).

You have to face reality, Diana has a late game that is running out of steam. While it can still atomize a fragile target nevertheless the advance that it was able to acquire will disappear the enemies will have more damage, more tankyness and the fact that it must all-in in the mass will prove much more quickly fatal only at the beginning of the game.

This is why we must avoid at best getting to this stage of the game. Of course in 1vs1 against an ADC or even an AP carry you will not be unworthy, you can clearly kill him. You are a tanky mage and assassin do not forget it.

Your favorite targets in a team fight will be the little tricks (no I did not say Yordle ...) which crack well under the tooth that is to say in general the adverse carry that have a poor health.

You have an adequate kit to jump on a target and atomize it, which makes you a formidable opponent in a fight. It will still be necessary to pay attention to how you initiate the fight, avoid being the first to go there you remain a mage anyway.

Sometimes if a target is not directly accessible to make an A + R on a tank in front then R the adverse carry will be enough to kill or disturb him enough so that it does not exterminate your entire team. You have a Zhonya it is a good way to delay and if in addition you have a guardian angel in your pocket, here is a suitable solution.

You clearly do not have a defensive role, your goal is to murder so choose the right time for. Do not forget however that your E interrupts the pipes this can be very useful against a Katarina for example or even a Nunu. Similarly it provides a slowdown, it's still taken!