Darius Guide

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Darius Gameplay - Top
How do we start?

First, start by checking if your team-mates want to invade the enemy or not. If this is the case, it's up to you to see if you're going to take the Crampon (E) or the Decimation (A) to ensure the kill. If you already have a lot of DC at level 1, you do not need to take the Crampon (E).
Remember to help your jungler if he starts on your side.

The lane against a CàC

Your opponent is a melee, so there is a good chance that he will be partially dependent on his attack speed to deal damage. Estropiaison (Z) reduces the speed of movement of the opponent which gives you a clear advantage. In addition, as it is a melee, it will be within range of your harass, which will allow you to inflict maximum damage and thus win the trades. Finally, being a melee, it will be very easy for you to catch it with your Crampon (E) during a gank of your jungler. If you play well, you will have insured kills.
So be sure to harass your vis-à-vis as much as possible, while taking care to farmer well.

The lane against a distance

This time, it will be less funny. If the opponent knows how to play, he will zonate out of the reach of experience and gold minions through his remote self-attacks. Hard to advise you to do anything other than taking runes with more HP and RM, master 12/0/18, and finally start with a very defensive stuff to sustain the best possible. Indeed, with such a start, your opponent will have to inflict you an incalculable number of auto-attacks before being able to kill you.

Once level 6, a quick gank of your jungler will take advantage of your opponent by tearing his head after placing a few stacks of hemorrhage.

For this, you have to play safe most of the time and pay close attention to the jungler. Darius is a duel, but he is also very open to ganks. So be careful and choose the right time to be aggressive. If you manage to take a kill, the advance you will get on your opponent will ensure you a completely dominated lane phase.
In short, you can completely crush your opponent, but it requires patience and game analysis (presence of jungler, AP mid, warding your river, etc ...)

In late game, Darius' damage will depend on the stuff you decide to do. Make sure you have the best positioning possible and stay with your team members. Ideally, try to stay with your APC or ADC story cover and take 2vs2.
You can also decide to split-push this or that lane because you have all the assets for it. Be careful however to the vision on the map, because even if you have enough tanky build, you do not have a natural escape.

Technically, you'll have something to do just as badly as a classic bruiser (Irelia, Olaf). The difference with these champions is that if you manage to get the reset on your ultimate, your damage will be doubled or tripled. It is therefore important to use your ultimate at the end to get a kill. For that, you will have to take into account the number of dots on the opposing champions, the shields and care that they have available that could prevent the damage of your ultimate to give the fatal blow, etc.

There are some mistakes that must not be made with Darius

To believe TOO tanky:
- You are absolutely not solid, you have no real ability to survive!

To be well positioned:
You have to know when to get in there. Note that you will not assume the role of the tank but you will not have to stay behind with the carrys. You have to wait for the hoe and then get into the heap to get the squishies and cut them in two axes and a small guillotine.

Do not overextend too much:

Darius has no mobility, he is extremely powerful at chasing enemies and snapping defensive spells such as flash, but he himself is very slow and fragile. So be careful not to walk on the map if you are not feed and therefore safe to 1vs1 1vs2 or even 1vs3.
In case you completely dominate the game, you can allow yourself to wander through the jungle to try to chop the jungler. Always make sure you have a good view of the map.