Corki Build

Ocak 24, 2018 0 Comments

Like any ADC in the lane phase, your goal will be to farm properly. Corki doing good damage (AA and skills) you will not have too much trouble getting out of it. Alternate the farm phases with the poke phases, especially with your Phosphorus Bomb (Q). It will do very good damage and you will put pressure on the enemy botlane. With your (W), you can play aggressive enough because you have an escape. Combine with a burst / aggressive support, you will be able to make kills quickly in early.

Once level 6 is reached, your poke will be even more effective, and it will allow you to push and corner your vis-à-vis. Even if you have a dash: be careful in case of roam from the midlaner or jungler opponent!

Corki has very heavy damage happened in mid-game. His AP / AD damage mix will annoy your opponents who will not know which resistance build first. If you hit your combo (Q) and (R) at the same time followed by a self-attack, you'll be able to remove a good half of HP from a carry. Like other ADCs, you will need to maximize your farm so you stuff as quickly as possible, and thus inflict big damage.

You have the Big Pack at this time of the game: do not hesitate to use it on a neighboring lane pending the engagement of the opponents. You will be able to use your (W) a second time if your move is ballzy. Many strategies are to develop with this liability, and this can allow you to take the lead on the opposing team.

To do some damage, Corki needs to touch his skills unlike the meta ADCs who will build the Blade of the Fallen King with a Runaan Hurricane. This is where Corki will be very effective in early / mid-game (it will fade in late game) if you take the advantage. It will be difficult to duel a Lucian or even a Caitlyn that can sustain against you while inflicting damage quickly.

Group with your team, pushez the objectives and especially, do not make you catch stupidly!

If you arrive in late game, know that this is not the best time for the friend Corki! Where we will see a lot more ADC to CC who scaled all the game, Corki will see his burst potential really reduced and will have a little more trouble to carry his team, unless it is in 15/0 of course.

Corki has the advantage, unlike conventional ADCs, of having interesting poke potential with his (A) and (R): use it to weaken opponents, and hope your allies will move to support you. and kill the enemy carry!

If you have the Big Pack (and you have it in the pants), you can split the enemies to sow discord at home and take the opportunity to win the final fight. Otherwise, stay behind, do not hesitate to hit the backline if necessary, and bomb!