Cho'Gath Guide

Ocak 24, 2018 0 Comments

In the first few levels, try not to push your lane too much. Cho 'is pretty weak early in the game, keep that in mind. The problem of leaving quickly on the E will make you pore vore lane very quickly (even if you can disable it), exposing you to the ganks a lot, especially with the junglers of the moment like Kha'Zix or Lee Sin dangerous from the first levels . Just last-hit quietly and even if you are under your turn, everything will be fine.

You have sustain, but it's not crazy either, so it gives you a second reason to apply during your last-hit. Try to do this to the AA because your spells will make you consume a lot of mana (Do 3-4 breaks will put you quickly oom), and if you must last hit under round, just use the Z and your E to effectively clean a lane.

Once you arrive at your level 6, two scenarios are available to you:
- Either you are killing your vis-à-vis (which will be quite rare), and you will be able to try a kill (your kill potential increases drastically once 6). If in addition you see that your jungler is not far, keep your ulti 'and try to finish your enemy with.
- Either you are in danger, and so you will quietly stack your ulti 'on the creeps. Do not hesitate to put the first 2-3 before looking at trade, your goal being to be safe and become a little more tanky.

From the mid-game, you will begin to shift around to help your mates. And one of the important phases will be the catch of dragons. Whether for contest or when your team does it, remember that you have a huge impact on this goal, because of the damage of your ulti. This, combined with the smite of your jungler can simply change the situation, just be sure to be in tune with him for maximum efficiency.

Also make sure to participate in the warding of your team, mainly to find out where the enemy jungler is and your opponent toplate if you are strolling. If you have taken a TP, do not hesitate to lend a hand to your jungler or go ganker your midlaner. You have two non-negligible CCs and this can clearly make the difference. But do it only if you are sure you can go back to your toplane fast enough so you do not lose the tower.

You are (probably) the most tanky champion of your team, do not forget it. You will of course have a role of initiator, but you will also be a huge peeler for your mates. If you see that your team is going to be engaged or that it is in bad position, keep an eye on your fragile mates, history of being able A / Z the bruisers who would jump on them to try to burst them down.

This will of course go through a good positioning. Your job will be to take the skillshots while your carry is safe behind. On the other hand, pay attention: if you have build a minimum of AP, you are not intombable, and the fact of dying for nothing risks to end in massacre of your team. Nevertheless, if you feel that your sacrifice is useful, do not hesitate to die if it is USEFUL to your team.

As for the engagement, everything will be played on your A. If you took a rylai or an iceborn gauntlet, make sure to slow your targets before putting the break to have more ease to place it. Also remember that you have a zone silence, which will clearly change a teamfight. If there are enemies like Katarina for example, try to keep a CC story to defend yourself in case of counter-binds. Also make sure to slam your ulti 'on the most fragile targets, just to give more chances to your allies to get down these so-called targets.