Cassiopeia Guide

Ocak 24, 2018 0 Comments

The opening game for Cassiopeia is not crazy but it is not the most to complain about. Indeed she has some damage and especially a good ability to poke what is still boring for his opponent. In addition, it has enough wave clear enough so it's not his concern.

On the other hand, it has almost no mobility (if not the success of A, youpi!) And no escape making it very vulnerable to ganks including the top lane which is a longer lane than the mid lane and so if you are too overextend there will be no return possible and death will be your guarantee.

So you need to play safe at the beginning of the game, try to balance the lane without too much pusher (without being late for xp and not farm huh!). Your main goal is going to be to stack your tear. If your opponent is in melee try to place an A when he approaches too much for last hit a henchman and especially farmez a maximum you need your secular as soon as possible in order to start enjoying it the same goes for your tear that will have to farm.

In the middle of the game this is the moment when you will finally be able to start buying AP really and this is where your power will start to reveal, your enemies may not be disappointed!

Your goal will be to continue farming as much as possible while helping your allies with a few shifts to the right (especially if you chose TP). You have an ultimate playmaker who can concretize kills team to you so enjoy. Be careful though to be certain that your team will follow you, a Cassiopeia must go ahead to fight and if it goes wrong it is likely to get slaughtered so we must be sure that you will have support with you .

You are a monster that everyone will fear, you can 1vs1 many enemies but always be wary of situations you have no escape and you can die very quickly.

There is still a way to split push after all you have a good wave clear and if an enemy (like an AD carry) dares to come challenge you solo it can be disappointed if you get to place an A, the flood of E at an incredible speed will make it disappear for sure.

In team fight of course everything will rest on your ability to place your ultimate. The goal is certainly to hit the most targets but especially in most cases to get the stun because good 2 seconds where the enemies can not do anything except subir is long!

Nevertheless, if you have a way to place your combo (R + Q + W + E + E + E ...) on a large target in front, it is discussed and it can be a very good choice if it is the target who does all the damage in front.

Beyond that the rest of the team fight will be played on your ability to place an A and chained on E short poke a maximum without making you catch. You do not have a sick litter and you will most certainly be a target that enemies will not want to leave alive for a very long time especially in late game where you can completely destroy an entire opposing team if you are allowed to do so!

In short, try to play on the kite that is to say, make a start of the fight with the ultimate blow and all your spells and then back a little to make you forget or just disengage and come back more beautiful.

Your ultimate can be used to disengage a fight that is going badly and it will usually be easier to place the stun in these cases.