Caitlyn Build

Ocak 24, 2018 0 Comments

In lane, Caitlyn takes advantage of his unparalleled range of auto-attack to regularly lower the hit points of his direct opponents. As soon as the ADC in front attacks a henchman and you have none at last hit, do not hesitate to punish him by shooting at him: he will not be able to retort because the time that his next car returns you will be already over its reach. A few from time to time to last hit difficult to access creeps and / or poke the opponent, and you will dominate your lane very quickly by pushing the opponent under his turn (be careful warder, and do not abuse your A, the sniper is manavore). Always keep your E defensively, despite his interesting offensive ability: he is your only escape. The traps can be used both to zone enemy lanterns and harass and to predict the arrival of an enemy jungler by posing a few in the river. If despite this advice your lane is difficult to hold, your natural reach allows you to farm safely.

Caitlyn's strength in group fights lies mainly in the Runaan. Once this item is in your possession, you are ready to exit your lane and start the midgame as it should. Be careful to always stay close to your support or a protective tank, you can be effective in 1vs1 (unless you are feed) and vulnerable to assassins. During clashes, stay well behind your frontline and tap the enemy closest to you, while remaining at a distance. Set traps to protect yourself and use your ulti to finish a low-life target, or help your teammates kill an isolated target if you're far away. As always, the E must be used in case of extreme necessity. Finally, know that you can hit a baron or a dragon from the jungle through the small wall behind the red.

The late-game of Cait 'is very very powerful, especially if you have snowball earlier in the game. Well, it probably is not worth Vayne for example, but thanks to your liabilities, you will simply put huge holes. You will fall the dragon / baron with incredible speed and you will be a great help.

Very little to say to be sincere, because you will resume your mechanics of the early-game, but you will simply hurt!

In teamfight, focus on your placement, it is essential to the smooth running of the latter. As mentioned above, place traps in front of you in case we want to come to bother you, use the E to create a distance between an attacker too close to you, and hit the trapped targets first. The runaan coupled to your passive will do the damage work, as long as a person is within range, using his A or R is a bad idea, they will do much less damage than your cars. If you fancy in the jungle / river do not forget that your stack liabilities faster if you are in a bush so go for it in the tall grass!