Braum Guide

Ocak 24, 2018 0 Comments

Braum is probably not the most effective support in the lane phase. Indeed, the latter can put a lot of pressure and apply significant CC very quickly in the game but remote media like Morgana, Thresh or Zyra will cause you a lot of problems. The goal will be to delay a maximum pre-6 (unless you see that there is really a possibility because your opponents are too confident or they are in an unfavorable situation).
Make sure you last-hit your targon and protect your ADC with your Z and E.

At this point in the game, you have probably finished your face of the mountain, your stone, your boots, and you may even be a part of your first tanky item in your core-build.
Remember that vision is a safe bet and a statistic more than important to win a game, especially in the middle of the game where the lanes do not really exist anymore. You have a very big hitter, or at least a character who can change a teamfight, and attempt an ambush in a clean bush of any ward and having the vision around.

For the rest, your goal will be to stay with the maximum number of members of your team, put yourself in mind: you do not serve anything alone. You can not depush a wave of minions, you can not split-push, you can not take anyone in 1vs1, and it is therefore mandatory to stick to someone. Mainly next to your fragile mates story to bring them a little more resistance and defense.
If a fight is triggered, try to quickly make a point in your head to know if you will slam your skills offensive or defensive. Whatever the situation, make sure your peg is as good as possible for your team and, above all, stay close to your ADC, especially if the latter does not have an escape like an Ashe or Miss Fortune for example, not to mention an auto attack for place your liabilities. You are his wall, you put walls to protect and buff his armor / RM with your Z. Also make sure to place your R: it is decisive and can completely change the course of a fight.

That's when Braum is the ... strongest!
You should theoretically have 2-3 items tanking on you and so you're going to have a lot of adverse damage at that time. Your goal will come down to one point: protect your entire team (with priority for frail members). In addition, make sure to spend the maximum of A on the opponent's carry, to give an opportunity to your entrants to go, or swing your R directly. Also make sure to give as much vision as possible to your team and try to always have a free slot (as long as possible) so you can take a pink whenever necessary.