Brand Guide

Ocak 24, 2018 0 Comments

Brand's early game is not one of the worst! You have significant damage, a good range and you can kill your enemy at any time. You will have the advantage against the majority of melee champions as long as you play appropriately.

Nevertheless, you are extremely fragile that is why every move, every action you take will have to be minutely reflected. Ideally, you need to play aggressive to dominate the lane to be able to snowball because although you will have an important burst later, you will have this major defect to be vulnerable and to have as your only escape your Flash (at the rigor your stun if you get to place it and in case there is only one enemy).

To play aggressive is to clear wave as fast as possible and to prevent the enemy from farming while punishing him if he tries. With Brand you have the means to do it in most matchups. Attention all the same! This will mean that most of the time, you will find yourself in front of the enemy tower, so be aware of the position of the jungler at any time, you can afford to dodge a gank with your Flash (and still everything depends on enemy skills) but if you do not have Flash any more you will need to hold back and play more back with the support of your nearby tower.

If you get to kill your opponent before your level 6, you will have a good chance of snowball as a kill early will be strong on Brand if negotiated well.

In the mid game, Brand has big damage but the enemy champions are also more dangerous because the majority will now have his dash to jump on you or they too hurt you.

Overall, it will be all-in and you will have to succeed in losing a little life to the enemy if necessary then place your combo E + Q + W + R. If you succeed it is the insured kill, otherwise it will be your death. Two important things you should not miss in your combo: first, your stun to place the spells and to keep your enemy from escaping. Second, you have to make sure your ultimate bounce so make sure there are henchmen or other champions near your target!

If your early has gone well you will have less difficulty to concretize the kills because your opposite will potentially be late in front of you. Staggering on the botlane can also be very beneficial, be careful anyway to have vision, make you surprise without mobility would be synonymous with an atrocious death. In the case of an early that has proved more difficult for you to gauge how much you are in the panade! If you think you have enough damage to kill your enemy, you can keep your attitude aggressive, otherwise it may be wiser to farm in order to buy the necessary equipment you miss and fill your possible delay.

In any case, always be aware of the position of the enemies, if you are too well there is a good chance that your opponent calls for help and if you are already in trouble they will have no qualms about you more in the hurt so much you will be an easy target for them.

The most important condition is your investment management. Under no circumstances should you be the one to be on the front line, although you may have to come closer to cast your spells, do it thoughtfully or fall back on a target that requires less risk.

Although it is often tempting to use all your strength in the sight of the first enemy come as a team fight can happen very quickly and generate a lot of events, learn to master you. It will be much more often better to make you forget a few seconds, wait for the enemies are a little more grouped and at that moment to hit! If you manage to inflict as many rebounds and hit as many enemies as Brand has huge damage chances are the fight will be in your favor!

Know what is happening and place you, these are the most important foundations in the art of mass combat beyond knowing which targets it will be best to fall at the moment.