Blitzcrank Guide

Ocak 24, 2018 0 Comments

Play aggressive and do not miss your target

With the starter boots you will have a lot of mobility which will promote your ability to chase and be aggressive on this botlane. At around 3 minutes, put your ward between the tribush and the dragon river to have a drinkable vision on the opponent jungler, in case of gank. Be careful though to sneaky ganks from him, especially if you're under pressure.

Blitz is one of the media that have a lot of controls so take advantage also to give a hand at mid for example. One more gank will never be too much and you can enjoy the surprise effect as a botlane often announces a support miss.

You have the advantage

• Keep a permanent check on the opposing bush and put pressure on yourself by showing you a maximum.

• Try to place yourself ideally to attempt a grab on the squishy target. Be careful though to make the right decisions.

• Play a great deal on the steel fist to try to force the Flash or an opposing gap closer.

• Do not neglect your map awarness, it is often when you are confident that you are quickly surprised. Ward and always take a look at any miss / positions of the opposing jungler.

You are under pressure

• If you are cut off under your tower, do not forget to put a ward in your nearest bush. Being under turns does not mean being out of reach or totally safe, it may be that the opposing botlane calls a gank of their jungler.

• Be constantly moving, to show that you are still present. A Blitzcrank imposes the fear of being grabbed at the enemy so be on the lookout for the slightest mistake of placement to try to bring someone under a turn.

• Ask for a gank! Your lane will necessarily push if you do not have the advantage so take advantage of the over extend opponent to surprise. Of course, in 90% of cases the river will be ward but it will allow you to breathe a little. Coming in sneaky can also be a good idea thanks to your grab, you can quickly bring back an enemy and destroy it with the help of your jungler.

First teamfights, first offsets, first loves

So we arrive in this deep midgame of families hoping that the early was still well. You have your first items and start to be a little tanky which will allow you to take risks, like Starsky & Hutch.

The game is going well

• Do not hesitate to pick up the opponent on contact, show him that you are there and that they will never be safe. Be careful not to get caught up in a flurry of controls out of space that would tend to calm your ardor.

• You should start regrouping with your team for push once the first turns are over. Grab the slightest placement mistakes of your opponents so you can quickly fight and keep up the pressure. However, keep in mind that if you miss your grab, the opposing team will immediately be more aggressive during your cooldown ...

• Try ballzy actions! Try to invade the opposing jungle, the buff steal will be easily done especially if you have the advantage. Think well ward in the enemy camp to always have an eye on their movements and be able to anticipate their actions. In addition, thanks to the grab, you can easily catch a careless player.

• Do not forget that you have Flash. If you feel an opportunity come to you, do not hesitate to try the Flash + grab to engage quickly and create a surprise!

The game is difficult

• It is important to note that Blitz has a tremendous capacity to give opportunities. Do not skimp on the work of warding and especially in your jungle! If you are not well engaged in the game, it is important to be able to prevent the opposing movements in your jungle and try to punish their mistakes with a beautifully placed grab.

• Aim for the carry! The team in confidence will certainly want to piss lanes or regroup mid to try to force a fight. It is not easy to place your grab in such conditions, especially with the mass of minions that will block your skill, but try to catch an AD or AP to force a fight or back of the opposing team. In the same way, it is very advantageous to try this in turn to ensure an additional chance!

You may be flashing

Arrived in lategame, you should have a rather nice stuff and tanky as a support. With the item "Ruby Sightstone" you will not be short of ward while enjoying a PV bonus, rather nice. You should also have a very good mobility so do not hesitate to charge the enemies and put you forward to put them