Bard Guide

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Bard's early is not crazy, it is fragile and clearly has no potential to kill an ADC or support that can handle it. Your primary goal will be to poke a minimum possible using your A and especially to collect your chimes.

Attention, the collection must not be done anyhow. Indeed the goal is to go when your ADC is the safest possible and when you lose the least XP because although they provide some experience, those of henchmen will always be the most important so it We'll have to think about the right time and I can tell you that it may make the first part with Bard very confusing if you're not used to roam in general.

The other idea is to make the most of your meeps. Other part of your liabilities offering good damage according to the number of chimes you will possess they stack on you (an icon tells you when they are available) and the more chimes you can have and stack them quickly. Therefore, try to use them whenever they are available before going roam especially they can slow down the enemy from 5 collected Chimes.

A meep is used by launching a self-attack so you can do auto-attack + A for maximum damage on an enemy.

Try the top three, first four levels to stay mostly on your lane all the same. Indeed, you have little vision so if you meet an enemy jungler it will go bad, so your mobility is not yet at the rendezvous so collect your chimes but safely and take maximum experience.

Here is finally the most interesting moment for you. You finally have boots and your spell kit in full. You will therefore go back and forth between the botlane and the midlane in general while collecting the maximum number of chimes possible.

Although you are not a jungler, nothing prevents you from gank the midlane to blow of ultimate + E + A on the adversary especially if this one is in his henchmen there will be chance of the stun and thus luck to kill him!

Do not underestimate the importance of picking up the chimes, you must collect a maximum and permanently as the damage that the Meeps will do in late game can be really important. When you go on the botlane, try to collect as much experience as possible to put as much Z as possible for your ADC and why not start a fight if you feel that you have the advantage.

Generally, you will be in lower xp the support in front or even the same level, but by your consecutive roams your ADC, if he plays safe and the botlane opposite has not managed to kill him, will be one higher level than the opposing ADC so potentially much stronger. This of course depends on many parameters, such as the composition of each botlane and the type of ADC, as well as the way each individual plays.

Thus it will happen that you will have more difficulties to roam because your ADC will be unable to defend itself, it will not be necessary nevertheless to remain constantly in botlane even if the help is important. Indeed, if your ADC is at the bottom you will not be able to make the kills in its place and it is sometimes wiser to leave it xp alone for it to catch up rather than try anything and you will have a better impact to collect your chimes while trying to influence the other lanes. Just make sure to put as much Z as you can to help out.

Regarding your E, there are lots of strategies to use with this one especially for gank. Feel free to make strategies with your jungler. The idea is not necessarily to arrive on the lane to gank with your E but to circumvent the enemy vision with the help of this one to surprise the opponents arriving from an unexpected place.

In late game, your Meeps will be incredibly strong especially if you have picked up a significant amount of chimes. It will be more difficult at this time of the game to walk around alone because not only your team needs you and in addition you risk getting wrestling therefore it is vital to take advantage from the start of the collection part of these little beasts to the max!

Bard in team fight can be the one who will save his entire team from a losing battle as well as the one who will shoot a fight won in a defeat. It all depends on how you play and especially how you will influence the outcome of the fight using your ultimate.

Let's talk about this ultimate precisely! It is a mechanics at the same time very simple and complex. This spell allows "Zhonya" all the area in which it is launched that it is the allies, the enemies, the turns (allied and enemy), the monsters (baron, dragon too) and the henchmen. Therefore, it can be very bad for Zhonya all your allies or almost and none of your enemies, the reverse against may be able to focus on enemies without fear of additional damage or an unmanageable number of opponents.

Similarly it is possible to use it defensively to protect an ally under focus or to perform a dive under a turret. There are really a lot of possibilities and you will surely make mistakes because not only are there a lot of possible situations but also the spell at a good time of incantation that between the moment you start it and where it s executing things may have changed so it will be necessary to anticipate this.

Nevertheless this is not the only thing that Bard has for a team fight, do not underestimate the damage of his attacks with his Meeps especially in late game and try to make the most of the stun of his A if the enemies are piled up; or slow down to save an ally.

The Z will surely be the least profitable spell in team fight but do not forget that it provides a slight buff of movement speed for the ally who will walk on it so always it's taken in some cases.

As for the E, it can allow to escape if the situation is critical, indeed it will give some speed of movement to all the allies crossing the passage. It can also be used to surprise enemies, however, as you all come to the same exit point I do not recommend it if the enemies are waiting for you with controls that will reduce you to nothing!