Azir Guide

Ocak 24, 2018 0 Comments

The beginning of the game with Azir will seem very very long. You have no kill potential because your damage is done in the long run. You will have to concentrate on the last-hit. But it's not going to be that simple because last-hit with Azir is complicated. The animation of AA is fast but Azir does not have any damage AD and the alchemy will be complicated to find.

Of course, you are not only going to last-hit during your lane phase, and so the goal will be to poke your vis-à-vis. You will not kill your opponent but you will still be able to poke. Also be careful when ganks because you actually have a complete kit to put your soldiers, move them and jump on them, but the combo 'will cost you a lot of mana early in the game, so handle this aspect well.

Several things to take into account during your mid-game that we will dissect:

Push the opposing tower: As a midlaner, your goal will be to push the opposing tower as quickly as possible. Using your Z will be a very good weapon for that. However, it is up to you to manage your number of soldiers well enough to always have one that will serve as an escape if you are in too bad a situation. If you really have gone for hardcore-push, do not hesitate to use your liabilities to put a tower where the opposing T1 Mid was present in the past.

We take again the principle of the phase of lane, namely the poke. You will have to inflict maximum damage using your Z + A. Once again, pay close attention to your positioning story not to find yourself in front-line for nothing.

Then, if you are in possession of your zhonya and / or flash, you may be able to engage on your own. If you can put a soldier behind the opposing frontline, you can use your E to get in to split the opposing team with your ulti '.

Azir will also have a very important role in late game baron / dragons. Why ? On the one hand because it will be able to inflict a lot of damage to these objectives thanks to its soldiers, and on the other hand, these same soldiers will be able to zone the opponent perfectly. And of course, no need to tell you that your wall can have a decisive role in taking or challenging these goals.

Like any good mage who respects himself, Azir must be well positioned behind his backline for DPS in peace. Put your soldiers in front of you, tap with them, and do the dash as soon as you can for a maximum AOE. If we come to bother you, use your E to go back on one of your soldiers. You can also make the soldier dash during your E to move even further. Be careful not to accidentally hit an enemy, because it will stop you net. Before reaching such extremes, think of simply placing your ultimate in front of you to damage and then push back your opponents (and why not zone them)!

If you feel you're pushing wings, you can use the E => Soldier + A (+ Flash) dash described above to go behind the enemy team and swing a beautiful final that will bring the whole backline back into your frontline that will then only a mouthful. This move worthy of the greatest requires a good vision of the game and a great mastery of the character: in case of failure is the death that awaits you, plus a teamfight lost by your fault.