Aurelion Sol Guide

Ocak 24, 2018 0 Comments

The start of Aurelion Sol is far from good, but he can still defend himself. Roughly, you are an afk-farm mage, but you are still one of the most aggressive afk-farmer in lane because of your ability to poke easily with Heavenly Expansion (W). Some match-ups will allow you to put rhythm on the lane while pushing it while striking your opponent via your W. This is the case against afk farmers having no real way to respond to your aggression. On the other hand, against certain champions, you are impotent: it is the case for example of the assassins.
Indeed, you are a fragile target and not mobile early in the game and they will enjoy. However do not be defeated: if your opponent is a murderer and he makes a mistake (bad placement without CD, take a turn, ...), do not hesitate to punish him with your Stellogenesis (Q) coupled with your Heavenly Expansion (W) and some auto-hit.

If you're still not comfortable with Aurelion Sol, focus on farming!

You have your boots and your GLP Hextech 800, so you're mobile and pretty tanky. Your laning phase must always be concentrated on the farm even if it is not obligatory to exclude a fight. Remember that your goal is the lategame! However, one of Aurelion Sol's great strengths is his ability to roam. It benefits from two zone controls as well as a high speed of movement via its E. Do not hesitate to push your lane quickly (especially if you dominate it), then to shift on the other lanes if you know it there is no vision and / or your opponents do not have a summoner available. Your main combo will be: Activate your W, Throw Stellogenesis (Q) towards your main target, and then drive your Q to activate your ultimate. The powerful slowdown prevents your opponent from getting out of your Q (except teleportation spell or anti-control) that you can explode on him without difficulty. An idle opponent or stun = passive stars insured = tons of damage!

Be careful because a single item does not make you as strong as a tank. You can get down quite quickly by an opposing damage dealer, so keep your head cool!

Last reminder concerning the mana, Aurelion consumes it a lot and very quickly then to use in moderation!

You have done the hard part, you are now in the game or your champion is the strongest. Zone damage, tankiness, but also mobility are all aspects that work in your favor. The field of fight remains your greatest strength, avoid making yourself engaged but also the 1v1. Aurelion Sol can also be good at wrestling or engaging: the range of his ultimate but also the size of his A combined with the Hextech GLP 800 and the Rylai can help initiate a fight.
Despite your unmatched resistance as a mage, you owe it to yourself to stay with your team: the only possible split is the split push with the baron nashor or depush! Do not forget that you are a carry!

Team fighting is the most difficult exercise for Aurelion Sol. But if the celestial dragon is properly mastered, its impact is considerable and can even go as far as managing a teamfight alone.

There are several things to master to be effective in teamfight:
- First of all the positioning. This is by far the most important part: you have to be close enough to hit your Z permanently, but also far enough to avoid getting caught. The Hextech 800 / Rylai GLP combo is really powerful in this kind of case because it keeps your opponents at bay while nibbling their life. The experience with Aurelion Sol will tell you how to position yourself according to your opponents: aggressively at the edge of the frontline (against fragile teams + your zhonya), or rather defensively by kiting permanently (against teams with tanks and control).

- Be attentive to controls. Indeed, it is essential that you avoid making yourself stun, fear, or hard cc in general because it disables your Z, which is a disaster especially if you do not have a CDR. This is why we see a lot of banshee sailing on the celestial dragon: this avoids an "inevitable" control of the ultimate type of Vi.

- In general: stay alive. This echoes the dodge of the controls but also the positioning: you can not, like a LeBlanc for example, place all your spells, kill someone and die the heart light: your damage is on the duration (despite the burst of your ultimate combo + A). It is imperative that you stay alive so that your Z touches permanently. For that, use your Ghost as well as your fundamental mastery for your