Ashe Guide

Ocak 24, 2018 0 Comments

The gameplay of Ashe is not really very complicated to understand and is rather to know how to position and know the role of ADC.

As long as you try to take advantage of your liabilities to make a criticism of an enemy it will always be taken. Ashe's early is not crazy, but she has a good late game. It does not prevent that phase of lane it should not hide it especially salvo (W) with his slow and that's it! It has no escape, no mobility which makes it relatively fragile and risky to play compared to a lot of ADCs that are much more aggressive and more mobile.

Your goal will be to poke your opponent to the maximum with the W, it's an excellent spell for that, try to manage your mana to spammer without finding yourself without the ability to cast other spells. Just repeat this pattern: a salvo when the enemy approaches too much and pamper at best while waiting for your 6.

Once level 6, if the situation is favorable you can initiate a fight with your ultimate. Be aware that when this one is in cooldown you will be in a position of weakness and the enemy will know it.

Ashe's mid game is more or less similar depending on how early the game was. Try to farm at best while trading your vis-à-vis if possible. You start to have damage, and your ultimate is an excellent commitment to initiate a move so abuse it!

Beyond focus on goals with your team: drake / towers.

Ashe's Late is good enough because it has a lot of damage, but do not go solo and stay with your team while waiting for a fight. It is very good for kite and disengage, and is able to get off a tank very quickly once its activated. Her effectiveness depends on her placement, and she excels in teamfights thanks to Runaan! You can always try a snipe with your ultimate on an enemy carry!

Ashe has the opportunity to initiate a fight with his ultimate and is a formidable opponent mid / late game in the teamfights thanks to his slow which we can not get rid of, ideal to catch the enemies so.

However, your biggest worry is going to be your mobility and the fact that you are very fragile. It will have to master your placement to perfection because any misjudgment / placement will surely cost you life as there are champions who can dash on you and annihilate you quickly.

So be careful, stay safe and hit nearby enemies while being at maximum safety among your allies who must protect you.