Annie Guide

Ocak 24, 2018 0 Comments

Annie has a good early botlane because his burst is not bad. We will take the A priority because its cooldown is half the size of the Z and above all it is certain to hit the target with.

Next, if you have caught fire or fatigue you can afford to try things sooner or later. A blaze will allow you to be very aggressive from level 2 (ideally the 3) while a fatigue will play a role as well defensive, that offensive is why it will be useful to slow the movements of the enemy so to place a good Tibbers for example.

Your A has a mana cost lower than the Z do not hesitate to use it on an enemy who advances a little too much. When your liabilities are available play to offer some psychological pressure (nobody likes to take a stun and especially not botlane). Just as if you use it 'for nothing' the enemy will feel more confident (depending on the situation) to attack, so think about it!

Your E will be quite useful in botlane (much more useful than midlane for my taste) because it is more common to receive a blow unwanted then be able to return some damage is always that. So remember to activate it, in addition it will allow you to cash better temporarily.

Once your level 6 is reached, the enemy ADC knows that if he takes Tibbers and all your combo he may spend a quarter of an hour so you have to do everything to create a surprise for it to happen. Generally it will go with your Flash but it all depends on the responsiveness of your ADC, the adverse support and especially the current situation.

You can also consider shifting (with or without your Tibbers) a stun at the right time on the enemy in the middle can be a good attempt to gank that can lead to success and potentially destroy the middle turret, chained to the Dragon...

In short, do not hesitate to create situations, you are a support your role is to assist your ADC but not only!

At the end of the game as a support, stay with your team you may be the individual who inflicts the least damage technically it will not be true with Annie and your contribution during a team fight is far from ridiculous That's why it would be a shame to fall on the opposing team by going alone warder for example.

Follow your allies wherever they go and encourage them to come together if it's not done.

As a support person there are two ways to tackle a team fight in a defensive or offensive way.

The first solution will be to keep all your combo to protect your ADC if enemies fall on it so they will have a giant teddy surprise really not happy!

On the other hand, if an opportunity arises a Flash in + R + E (+ passive) + A + Z can make all the difference for your team but will result in putting you in a delicate situation.

So it's based on how things are going to work, but also on the other's behavior. If your ADC is the victim of an unconditional love from his enemies it may be wise to stay by his side (especially if he has no mobility / escape). On the contrary, if it manages to fend for itself or that its impact is not very consequent, if you can positively influence the team fight with a good initiation then go for it!