Anivia Guide

Ocak 24, 2018 0 Comments

The early game of Anivia will depend greatly on your opponent in the lane phase. If your vis-à-vis is very strong in 1v1, especially at the beginning of the game, forget all trade idea and just farmer, even if it will be quite complicated when you are under pressure pre-6.
If, on the other hand, you think the trade is possible, do not hesitate. Harness the already with your AA which will be more efficient thanks to your runes of hybrid pen '. If you are confident about your skillshots, try to put as many combo 'A + E as possible and if your jungler has an interesting CC in the early levels like Rammus or J4, do not hesitate to ask for a helping hand to put your vis-à-vis at the bottom.

Ideally, do not pan until you can afford the catalyst, and then just farm safely until you get your RoA.

From the mid-game, and especially if you have the blue buff, your ability to push lanes will really be very important. So do not hesitate to push your mid-lane, and then enjoy it to go raptors as often as possible, ideally those of the jungle opponent. Thanks to Anivia, you're sure to take a guy from the opposing team to depush, which can for example create opportunities for dragons. You will also be able to take 2vs2 with your jungler, and thanks to your CC, and especially to your liabilities if it is up, trades will often be done to your advantage.

Who says push, also says potential roaming and Anivia excels in this area. Thanks to your wall, you can even allow yourself to come by the bushs of the two other lanes to make the difference, and ideally, go see below to follow on a dragon.
And speaking of Dragon, Anivia is very strong for such goals, whether for taking, or challenging. Its ulti 'covers practically the whole area of ​​drake and your wall will quickly make the difference in this small enclosure, attention anyway not to block your allies!

The late-game Anivia is quite similar to its mid-game with some differences. First, the game should move a lot and the roaming of the opponents may be quite supported so pay attention to your positioning: make sure to warder well and not overxtend if you do not want to end up with a Vi or a Leona on the face for example.
On the other hand, if the vision is favorable to you and that you know where the enemies are, do not hesitate to look for an ADC or a support which tries somehow to depush its lane. If you attack a bush and you succeed your stun, it's just free kill, but do not be too confident.

Anivia also has a big capacity of siege, so do not hesitate to camp in front of the enemy towers with your ulti 'while the rest of your team quietly poke the guys on the other side. The same when you sit, you will have no trouble cleaning all creeps that attack.
Finally, and as for the dragon, you will have a key role in the baron's take / contest, so be on the lookout.

For teamfights, this will be a happy mess for Anivia. You are a fairly fragile person without escape and will therefore be a prime target for enemies, so be very careful about your placement.

For the rest, try to place your stun as best as possible, knowing that it can of course hit several targets. Whether offensive or defensive, make sure to always have it for critical situations and / or decisive. In the event of an attack, of course, look for the ADC first.
For your wall, everything is a matter of situation too, especially when the fighting takes place in small corridors like the jungle, and this is probably the hardest Anivia skill to place because it can put your teammates in a very dirty situation. You will never have the same situation and try to be cool so as not to swing it anywhere.
For your E, slap it as soon as the opportunity arises, even if it requires being close enough to its target. Generally you swing two-three peaks when the opposing team will be in your ulti. And for the ulti ', put it in the heap, it will do the work for you.