Amumu Guide

Ocak 24, 2018 0 Comments

ALWAYS start in your jungle with Amumu. Do not attempt to invade, as this will force you to take your A first, which is of course not practical at all. Just farm at the very beginning of the game (start with the blue buff is one of the best choices) and then go to level 3 to learn your control spell: the sling roll (Q). Once this skill is in your pocket, you can start thinking about ganks. Prefer the mid and top lane because it will probably be easier for you. If that's not possible, go back to your jungle and do not waste too much time staying AFK-bush for nothing. Once your level 6 in your pocket, you will be able to start the "real" gank with your CC completely cracked. Try to gank the lanes who are pushing against you, just to be able to come from behind and try to engage in the best possible A. If you can not get your target directly, at least make sure to fall on a creep nearby, history of power R.

As for the mid-game, you will continue in the same optics: gankez as soon as your ultimate is available. For the rest, just farmer as best as possible (and feel free to push some lanes with the agreement of your mates) for you tanky stuff as quickly as possible.
As a jungler, you also have another duty: to make sure you have the vision. You move everywhere and you will have to sprinkle the map of various wards without forgetting clean after changing trinket. Take repeated pinks to put them in strategic places.
Amumu is also very good for taking / contesting dragons as his ulti 'will easily cover the area in question.

One goal in teamfight: place your ulti 'in the best way. The ideal is of course to put your Q on your main target story to power R more easily (and to chain 2 CC). You will also be able to Q on the opposing frontline before flashing on the fragile targets behind to put your R. You also have the blunder solution which consists of directly flash + R history to be practically sure to have a maximum of people .
The trap bush is very good with Amumu to engage a teamfight, especially if you have a good vision around and / or your team is boring.

Just do not forget that your ulti CD is "long enough" and that it is decisive, so you have to pay attention very much to the way you use it.