Alistar Guide

Ocak 24, 2018 0 Comments

Alistar has a lot of "weaknesses" in the lane and a lot of champions are going out-of-range without too much trouble. As a result you will probably adopt a pretty safe lane outfit:
- Make sure you have control of the bushes
- Ward as best you can and flaunt
- You have a sustain, which can benefit your ADC: Use it
- Try to keep the most distance
- Try to make commitments to bring fear to your enemy's face.

On the other hand, if you feel that you have an opening or that you have the advantage in lane, do not hesitate to profit from it. You can flash-A (but be sure it's worth it), or just enjoy your vision to go hand-to-hand and put your Q. Of course, there's your QW combo that can make the difference it is well executed and remember that your exhaust can serve you as a way to engage.

In addition, remember that you have a little more time than the rest of the voting team to keep an eye on the mini-map so be their eyes if possible, and if you have the possibility (and that your ADC is safe ), go for a tour of the mid-lane, it will surprise a lot in the first minutes.

The mid-game will be your garden, especially if you are a fan of roaming. The goal will be either to stay with one or two other members of your team and roam together, or simply to walk on the map alone to create the difference. CAUTION nevertheless, it is not necessary that your roaming handicaps your ADC, if your lane is in difficulty, you stay with him as much as possible, so that he does not push himself further.
Also say that you can chase (without abusing of course), and even if some of your opponents are doing kiting, do not hesitate to pick them up. And if you really find yourself in a bad situation, you still have an ulti 'story to temporize a little bit.
Be on the lookout, see if your opponents push this or that lane to directly punish a bad placement, but do not forget to take a mate with you. If your team is listening to you, you will have no problem.

And another important thing: the vision. You are the guarantor of the map-awareness of your team as a support and you are also subject to roaming. So make sure to have a perfect warding, especially in key places. Do not forget to clean enemy wards with your red-trinket (which you can also upgrade very quickly in the game). Same for pink wards, be sure to always have one on the map!

At this time of the game, you will stay as much as possible with your team.

If you have gone on a movespeed object like the talisman or the glory of the righteous, do not hesitate to abuse it, if only for the summoner's spells of enemies, because that's where your strength. Also, be aware that a fight can turn around in seconds and a commitment from you may be able to turn against you, so make sure to keep an eye on your ADC (or APC) cover story up with your skills or activatable objects.

Which also brings another thing, do not do too much the hero when your W and your Q are in cooldown, and make sure to stay in movement before recovering them.

Keep in mind that you are once again the guarantor of the vision of your team, in addition to being (sometimes) the only one to engage, and the one who must protect his fragile mates, so a lot of pressure on the shoulders.

Alistar can engage the teamfights with his combo and his flash to isolate an opponent and get rid of it quickly. It will happen even times it is your job because there will be no other real engage in your team (although in most cases, your top or jungle will take care of that). In these cases, do not be afraid to get in if you think it can be decisive.
Afraid to mess up the flash? Indeed it has a "big" cooldown but if you place a flash + Q on 3-4 or 5 people at the end of the game, it will simply change the course of the game in your favor, so do not be afraid to return violently in it (especially since you have an ulti 'for tempo').
If on the other hand there is a hired in your team, it's even better. You only have to wait until the latter applies his CC to choose your target!

If the fight is already engaged Alistar can be content to protect his back line with his superb controls and serve as a bodyguard, because indeed, as mentioned above, you will also have a very defensive role. If you see that it is degenerating too much, save your Q and W to place them at the right time on the right person.