Akali Guide

Ocak 24, 2018 0 Comments


Akali may surprise in early game, but she does not have much damage yet. Your goal will be farmet, and poke with your (A) if you have the opportunity. Your 1v1 ability will be the best once you arrive at level 6 with the dash (R). Before, it will be difficult to take a kill because of the low mobility.

With a jungler at CC, you can still hope to kill or at least snap a summoner spell.

Your (Z) gives you an invisibility that will allow you to delay in case of gank or so to avoid the poke of your vis-à-vis. You make a slight dash out of your (Z), it can be a good timing to attack!

Remember that despite the invisibility, you are very squishy and generally, we do not really like the Akali fed. The jungler will probably come pre-6 for you gank.


Once your Pistolame recovered and your level 6, you have a good Powerspike that can surprise the opponents. Enjoy your teleport to shift on other lanes, or make a major goal. Akali is not the best splitpush character at this point in the game, so it will be good to help your allies win their match-up and then dominate.

If you have already recovered one or two kills in the past, you can take 1 against 1 quite easily. You will have sustain by your objects and a potential of burst impression, in addition to a consequent mobility.

Akali has the ability to snowball very quickly, the slightest kill is can make you bend the game quickly. If you are fed, the enemies will have to put several on you, leaving your allies opportunities for goals like Dragons or towers.


It will be very good to play this Akali endgame. Like any Assassin, you do not have to go in 1v5 to try to kill a carry. You stay pretty squishy, ​​and you will be the main target for the opposing team. Analyze the terrain, see if your team is engaged and if you have an assassination opportunity. Of course, you will have to target the carry first, so that they can not take part in the fight. Try to catch as much as you can. Unlike a tanky toplate where the goal will be to engage and tank the team, Akali will have to grab the only chance she has to prevent her allies from getting too much damage. With Zhonya and stealth, you can quietly delay, and force opponents to scatter.

Outside teamfights, you have the teleport, so do a splitpush job to force a person to be on your lane at least. It will depend on your opponent at that time, but you can take advantage of it by killing him, thus being in numerical superiority for their next fight.