Ahri Guide

Ocak 24, 2018 0 Comments


Ahri's early though decent is far from brilliant. Of course and unlike melee match-ups, you will have the advantage for the most part, but the damage will still be far from the rendezvous and without your ultimate you are extremely vulnerable to a gank.

Ideally, try to farm at best, attack your enemy with your A and take full advantage of your liabilities to recover when necessary. If you are in a strong position then you can try more daring things like blocking your opponent under his tower or trying to kill him with a well-placed E. However, if you put your enemy in trouble there is a good chance he calls his jungler for help so beware!

From level 6, things will change thanks to your ultimate which will make you difficult to gankable and that will allow you to try interesting and surprising moves to take the advantage over your opponent. Likewise, thanks to this increased mobility do not hesitate to shift if the situation at mid is not ideal or simply to lend a hand to your team.

Ahri's power will really come out from the mid game and you'll try to do everything for maximum snowball on it. Do not forget to farmer and xp because always having the same level (or more levels) is the key to success in League of Legends. There is nothing worse than being inferior in level as it provides a lot of disadvantages that can not be met except in a team fight and again ...

At the end of the game you are purely and simply an assassin, you can depop the majority of fragile opponent targets and if a kiss is well placed it can reduce the opposing team from 5 to 4 or initiate a favorable fight.

In a team fight everything will rest on your ability to burst targets doing heavy damage with your team and this will be summed up by mastering two tools. First of all your ultimate that will allow you to manage your move three times in the space of ten seconds, it is important to know when "dash in and dash out" without forgetting that it also remains a lot doing good damage.

Second, the control of the E when traveling with your R will be essential. The sooner you will be able to kill the target that threatens your team the better it will be and that is of course based on the success of this famous charm.

Beyond, you are an AP carry you will necessarily attract attention to you, so be aware that your R will help you to delay it will be necessary to gauge it between using it to kill an enemy crossing the enemy lines (with caution and without sinking too much) while keeping mobility to potentially delay a help from your allies thereafter.

Playing Ahri is not easy even if it is very powerful and you will need a good vision of the game as well as good mechanics for it to give something effective.